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    Pet Accessories ACH4 – NEW Decor Collection for Dogs and Cats 

    Pet Accessories’ new Collection by ACH is called ACH4 and we can’t wait to present it to you! Because she will cause a revolution! If you care for the planet as much as you care for your dog or cat, you’ll love ACH’s new pet collection, ACH4. Gnawing a shoe or running around the yard can be exhausting – not to mention the jet lag. Your furry baby deserves the best, and by the best, we mean a stylish and comfortable dog bed.


    Trio Pet Bowls follows the ultimate design human trends and translates them to the pets world.
    As being our best friends, dogs deserve a luxury lifestyle that reflects their personalities. Perfect for wet and for dry-food, as well as for water, it is the best choice for a luxury pets feeding time.

    See also the George Dog Bed.


    Perros figurine decor is a luxury set of two decorative figurines inspired by the vintage ceramic dogs. An artistic expression for decor and pet lovers. With a modern vibe, this set of two dog’s sculptures are handmade and painted by skillful artisans. A sensational combination of details, tones, and cultures, making this set a timeless piece. Perros is the ideal decor compliment for a stylish living room, master bedroom, or hallway entrance.