An Apartment In The Heart Of Paris full of luxury and natural tones.

Joseph Durand and his brother Adrien, sons of Jacques Dirand, are fans of minimalism with a special taste for detail.

Durand and his wife, Anso, along with their two daughters from previous marriages, needed to increase the size of their space.

They were looking for a building with history in Paris which was not easy to find. 

They found a building available on the Passy hill initially as a hotel for the 1900 Exposition Universelle.

Clearly, stone is Dirand’s preferred material. Walls, flat surfaces, baths are all in soft-toned stone or marble.

As are the three majestic Massangis limestone arches down the left side of the entrance hall, which give way to the sprawling living/dining room.

In the kitchen we come across a vanilla-chued island carved from a piece of Breccia stazzema marble.

The bathroom is walled with green breccia marble that he picked up in Italy.

In the hallway, prowls an elegant bronze and gold lioness with auric eyes sculpture.

Very common the presence of animal references.

Throughout the house we can find creatures abound, since lamb, a beetle and a owl.

The overall palette is natural tones.

An apartment full of light and luxury.