Hollywood Design Office by the Chinese Studio MAD Architects is simply amazing! It will include a funicular railway, which is just speechless. Let’s find out more!


Hollywood Design Office

MAD Architects, the unique Chinese Studio will do wonders in this The Star Office located at 6061 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles. As we said before it will include a funicular railway, besides the 22-storey office block.

It has a clear purpose, which is to transform the skyline of Hollywood. We are sure that they will succeed!

Hollywood Design Office

According to Ma Yansong, the founder of MAD Architects, he says that “Hollywood has been a signature center for culture and creativity for a long time,”. So, “The Star will be the new iconic landmark in Hollywood and continue to nurture the public’s inspiration and creativity.”.

This building will have curvilinear shapes, similar to several near structures, such as Capitol Records Building, the Griffith Observatory, the Cinema Dome, and the Hollywood Bowl.

This Hollywood Design will have open-air terraces, on the 10th and 17th floors, designed by SALT Landscape Architects! This will be a place “specifically engineered for the post-Covid environment”.

Credits to: Dezeen