Trends 2022 is an Ebook, by Hommés Studio and ACH Coll. the reflects the future. With amazing colors, unique design pieces, and luxury furniture.


Trends 2022

Spring Lake (Pantone 18-4221 TCX) is part of the Trends Ebook 2022, by Hommés Studio and ACH Coll.

Trends 2022

It is a childish color, that reveals all memories. It is a combination of past and present, towards the future.

Lexus Pet Bed, ACH Coll.
Tropez Sunbed, Hommés Studio
Avocado Table Lamp, ACH Coll.

Cat Tiger, ACH Coll.
Coa Vase, ACH Coll.


Classic, in vogue, and outstanding are a few of the characteristics of this mesmerizing blue shade. Combine it with neutrals and delicate tones, or, on the off chance that you like other tones, combine it with pastel shades or soaked colors to capitulate a rich and reminiscent room.

Trends 2022

Fall in love with Spring Lake color and acquire all products in this amazing color for your home. You’ll not regret it!

Trends 2022

Avocado Table Lamp is the perfect lighting piece to complete your bedroom decor. You can find everything on this color in our Trends 2022 Ebook!

Trends 2022

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