India Mahdavi loves bold hues so much that they have become her hallmark. This new ceramic and textiles collaboration between India Mahdavi and H&M Home is another memory of her use of bold colors. It launched online and in some selected stores on April 28.

The designer in this new collection made sure to make the products accessible. As in the past, India Mahdavi recognized that many of the products she had designed before had high prices.

India Mahdavi h&m line
The theme is inspired by the lack of light in this global pandemic.
AD| H&M Home

In this new collection with H&M, India Mahdavi wants to “spread beauty on a large scale” with affordable pieces. Plus, joy-inducing accessories with bold color, mix, march-like lilac, tangerine, lime, and royal blue. The designer chose European manufacturers for the new line.

The new collection consists of plates, bowls, ripple-rimmed pitchers, placemats, cushions, blankets, and a rug. The designer promises to bring joy with these beautiful handmade pieces in all accessories. Thanks to the organic gradient palette of soft pinks and yellows, some accessories melt with each other.

H&M new line
AD| H&M Home
India Mahdavi
AD| H&M Home

Along with the beautiful color combination, there is a lovely floral pattern and a blurred checkboard. India Mahdavi drew her first sketch during the lockdown of this global pandemic. That foggy time was reflected right in the pieces of her new line with H&M.

Making the designs in lockdown made the designer transmit an optimist vibe to the pieces. These pieces should not be hidden in our kitchen cabinets. India Mahdavi encourages buyers to incorporate these pieces into their everyday routine.

Indiah Mahdavi line
AD| H&M Home

Source: Architectural Digest