The famous rockstar Lenny Kravitz founded Kravitz Design in 2003. He wanted a creative studio with a modern touch and a unique focus on the interiors, industrial design, and graphic design. All Kravitz Designs are full of style thanks to the natural style.

1- The Sound Room

Kravitz Design: Sound Room

The Sound Room is a multipurpose room designed to be a studio; screening room; performance room, and even a gaming room. This condominium, The Kent, is on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The room has textured carpeting; natural wood, and mirrors that every generation loves.

2- The Stanley House

 Stanley House

The Stanley Hose is a residential project in West Hollywood. Righ above the Sunset Trip, which has a fantastic view of the city and the ocean. Kravitz Design worked with the contractors and developers of the home.

3- L`Arc


This outstanding Project, L`Arc, is a nightclub in Paris. Kravitz Design was responsible for the renovations and the creative direction of the club. L´Arc is located in the 16th arrondissement and has a view for Place de l´Etoile and Arc de Triomphe.

4- SLS Las Vegas

SLS Vegas

The Studio created all five luxury suites in the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. They are unique penthouses with distinctive themes to complement the three hotel towers. Kravitz furnished all the penthouses with bespoke furniture mixed with vintage accessories.

5-Crosby Street

Crosby Street

Crosby Street is a private residential project in Soho, New York. The home has four bedrooms; a media room; a living room; an office, and a luxury kitchen with a terrace and two outdoor spaces. The studio furnished the residence with distinct vintage and contemporary home accessories in this project. They added a bold graphic mural at the entryway to finish the project.

6-Biscayne Point Residence

Kravitz Design

Kravitz Design was assigned to look out for the renovations of this ranch-style residence that overlooks the Biscayne Bay in North Miami. The studio renovated all the interiors of the house, plus the outdoor. This project took about two years.

7- Fazenda Sao Tomé

Fazenda Sao Tome

Fazenda Sao Tome is a private residence in Brazil. It is an incredible 1860s colonial-style home with a main house; a guest house, and an enormous villa. The studio did all the renovations, creating at least 26 guest rooms.

Source: Living Room Ideas