In This California Home, Katie Hodges perfectly balances the masculine and feminine design envisioning a sensorial feeling.

Katie Hodges is an interior designer that makes her projects filled with intelligence and elegance. As we can see in this beautiful California home.

This project is noticeable in the designer’s preference for textures in a space full of light, sophistication, and luxury. This California home belongs to the Shapiros, a couple with a refined taste.

California Home by Katie Hodges
AD| Haris Kenjar

Tammi Shapiro, a handbag designer, and her husband Alan, who owns a construction company, were in the real estate business. The couple bought the California home to transform it into a family and leisure space.

California home
AD| Haris Kenjar

With the influence of the global design and Hodges tastes, the couple wanted a contemporary California house. Full of textures and warm and organic elements. A sophisticated yet stylish home.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to combine some Hommés Studio pieces in the California Home. Like the Kongo Armchair with simples lines and the neutral Lunarys table. Combine with Ach Collection accessories such as the Achi White candle. It will add a luxury touch to the home.

Lunarys center table
Lunarys Table
Achi Candle White - Home Frangances by ACH Collection
Achi White
Kongo airmchair
Kongo Armchair
California Home
AD| Haris Kenjar

With the interiors filled with influences and the exteriors with the California sunlight, this California Home is a warm space where we can feel the calmness in space.

neutral home decor
AD| Haris Kenjar

The designer went for the curved and voluminous forms in this California Home. The sofa perfectly describes the kind of furniture that Katie went for.

In this beautiful living room, you can incorporate the stunning Lunarys Sofa by Hommes Studio and the Michell II bowl by Ach Collection.

Lunary Sofa
Lunarys Sofa
Mid-Century Modern Table Top
Michel II
dining room decor
AD| Haris Kenjar


Moving Forward, in this dining room, the designer mixed neutral and darker tones. Therefore, emphasizing the presence of contrasts, which is a typical feature in this project.

The Leafus Suspensions Lamps and the Tower Dining Table are perfect pieces by Hommés Studio. To give a refined touch to the house. Plus the Oskar Round by Ach Collection as a tableware accessory.

Black Friday
Oskar Round
Leafus Suspesion lamp
Leafus Suspension Lamp
Tower Dining Table
dining room decor
AD| Haris Kenjar
bathroom decor
Haris Kenjar|AD
neutral decor
Haris Kenjar|AD
bedroom decor
AD| Haris Kenjar

A space that brings both serenity and elegance, the Kara Bed by Hommés Studio would fit perfectly in this bedroom. Adding a luxurious touch to the space. Completing the room, the Achi Grey candle by Ach Collection releases a hypnotic perfume.

Even though the house is full of light, the couple will need lights at night. Nothing is more perfect than a Luminous Pendant Lamp.

Kara Bed
Kara Bed
Luminous Pendant Lamp
Luminous Pendant Lamp
Candle Decor
Achi Grey

Through the home, we notice the feminine and masculine contrast in different ways. A space full of arches and mirrors mixing simple and elegant lines.

The designer used elegant plants around the house to reinforce the natural feature. This California home is the perfect combination between simplicity and sophistication.

Source: AD Middle East