Spring has arrived and the truth is that we are all eager to decorate our tables and make meals a unique moment of conviviality. Nothing better to make these moments memorable than the right tableware. Thus, we present you the must-haves to freshen up your spring-summer dining table.

Complete sets, plates, glasses and more will give your dining table a quick update to a warmer climate and meals shared with family and vaccinated friends. All that’s left is to try a new cocktail and add some ambient lighting and music to complete the experience!

Chilewich Bloom Round Placemat Gold by Latzio

Combining the organic exuberance of a chrysanthemum with the graphic refinement of a contour line sketch and a modern palette of metallic hues, Bloom is a fresh interpretation of florals.

This flexible openwork placemat will give a beautiful look, and color, to your dining table.

Radiant Crystal Water Glasses by PUIK Design

Elevate the drinking experience with Radiant Crystal Water Glasses. Their unique diamond-shaped form allows them to be set down in a variety of ways, creating interesting reflections of liquid, light, and glass from different angles.

Whatever your choice of beverage — wine, water or whiskey — Radiant glasses will ensure that you savor every sip.

Balance by ACH Collection

Balance is a dinnerware set of 6 plates with three-place settings. This magnificent dining set offers memorable dining moments with friends due to its functional and decorative design. The service comprises desert, dining, and charger plates, available separately in sets of 6.

Espresso Saucer SuperStripe by Richard Brendon

Richard Brendon and pattern visionaries, PATTERNITY, have joined forces to change perceptions of how British bone china can look. Hand-made by the finest craftspeople in Stoke-on-Trent, England, the Superstripe collection draws inspiration from over two centuries of British culture and creates a striking service to compliment any contemporary table setting.

Oskar Round Tray by ACH Collection

Oskar round tray is more than a stylish homeware piece to serve food. The ceramic item holds a high-decorative function that is inspired in a Bauhaus special edition, of ACH Collection by HOMMÉS Studio.

Perfectly suit any room, it can be used as a tray or as a wall decor item.

Olala Étagère by Richard Hutten

Characterized in typical Hutten’s style, with the oversized round handle, the étagère OLALA brings joy to every dinner where it is used for its elegant and sophisticated appearance. The three shelves, expertly proportioned, center on the stem concluded by the mythical round handle, signature of the Dutch designer.

Small Mountain Glass with Wooden Base by MesmerizeD

Small Mountain Glass is made from top-quality borosilicate glass.
The base of this glass is made of wood, its design recalls the shape of a small mountain. The wooden base is waterproof and designed to securely protect the glass from slipping. It also serves as a coaster.

Good Luck Bowl by ACH Collection

Good Luck Bowl presents a mix of curved silhouettes and bold shapes to elevate your room decoration and surprise friends at table with its eclectic style.

Its graphic character will fill your home with attractive and positive energies, and it means good luck in Chinese.

The dining room is one of the most desirable spaces at home. It is a place of joy and happiness where the family gathers and remarkable memories are collected. We hope you felt inspired by these pieces we presented to you here.

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