Interior Design Masters, part II! The Class of 2021 is not over yet, that are 10 more design masters you must know about!

Juliana Lima Vasconcellos, Rio de Janeiro

Interior Design Masters

Let’s begin our list of Interior Design Masters with Juliana Vasconcellos from Rio de Janeiro. According to Brazilian designers, they all specialize in dramatic interiors and Juliana is no exception. Her home in Rio has an amazing view and it’s surrounded by contemporary art, but also her own furniture.

Matt Blacke, Los Angeles

Interior Design Project

Matt Blacke is a pseudonym for the interior designer and gallery director Cliff Fong. He creates unique spaces, that come from different inspirations. His work is mainly residential, but he also works with commercial spaces, cush as Michael Voltaggio’s Ink restaurant.

Michael K. Chen Architecture, New York

Interior Design Masters

Michael K. Chen is an architect that dedicated the past 10 years, finding out more about a unique sensibility in design. This sensibility creates warmth and character, and this is what he intends to do in his projects.

Nickey Kehoe, Los Angeles

Interior Design Projects

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe are the creators of Nickey Kehoe’s design studio and their outstanding work put them on the map. All of this, because of their work ethic and their unique projects.

Pine House Edible Gardens, Oakland, California

Interior Design Masters

Pine House Edible Gardens, owned by Leslie Bennett, create a relationship between ourselves and the environment. But, more important is that we learn to have the utmost respect for it!

Rafael de Cárdenas, New York

Interior Design Masters

De Cárdenas knows how to make the perfect interior design project. In his portfolio, we can include, the interiors for St. Petersburg’s Au Pont Rouge department store and a 134-foot-long yacht.

Retrouvius, London

Interior Design Projects

All in order to continue our list of Interior Design Masters. Now with Retrouvius in London, where Adam Hills and Maria Speake work in their projects, such as the one we have in the image.

Studio Cooke John, New York

Interior Design Masters

Nina Cooke John is a Jamaican-born architect that focuses her work on clean lines and muted tones. And she has done that for the past 20 years! However, she has made a few changes in her work, for example with the Obsidian Project House, which has color and well-places antiques!

Terremoto, Los Angeles / San Francisco

Interior Design Projects

Terremoto is a designed studio composed of 17 people that work each and every day on horticultural installations. They have a serious commitment to ecological stewardship.

Unionworks, New York City

Interior Design Masters

Poonam Khanna is responsible for creating Unionworks, and all of her work has a soulful interior design sensibility that is the most important thing. At this moment, she is working on the renovation of a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Washington D.C.

To conclude, this Interior Design Masters part II showed the 2021 class in interior design and their amazing work! We hope you liked it as much as we did!

Credits to Elle Decor