Kitchen Design Ideas by Hommés Studio and ACH Coll. will transform that room. Prepare yourself for a place full of style and luxury!

Modern Kitchen Decor Essentials

Kitchen Design Ideas

We begin our Kitchen Design Ideas with rich ingredients, monochromatic updates, crisp lines, and sensory textures. With cravings for the favorite dish from the restaurants we were no longer allowed to eat in, some spent long periods of time in the kitchen. Doing what? Trying out new combinations of ingredients. All is in order to get inspired with these Kitchens playing the central role at a house.

Oskar Round Tray
Senska Vase

Picasso Tray
Michel II

Art Deco Clash

Kitchen Design Ideas

This is a kitchen with a fragrant space composition, dynamic flooring choices, a quiet palette, and sculptural elements such as a dramatic suspension lamp that emanates a warm glow or a seductive bar stool with sleek shapes. 

Schlemmer Bowl
ACHI White Candle

Kitchen Design Ideas

A complete kitchen that is luxe in every sense. An art deco kitchen with art deco colors and motifs hosting the modern lifestyle. But also, add those joyful moments with family right before the day starting off.

T-Rex Bowl
ACHI Grey Candle

Modern Flame Kitchen

A small kitchen with clean lines and textured surfaces. A wave of rusty hues and autumn accents spices up the cooking space. We picture it on a contemporary interior design project, perhaps a loft in an industrial site in London or a small apartment in Soho, New York City.

Irene Vase
Good Luck Bowl

The white marble countertop has the ideal room for 5-minutes meal preparations, including scrambled eggs in the morning. A couple of modern bar stools are essential in a small and functional kitchen.

Coa Vase

Schlemmer Bowl

We end our tour through Kitchen Design Ideas, we hope you liked it! But, most of all that you now feel inspired to change!