How was the experience? Architect Aline Asmar d’Amman tell us how the collaboration with the German designer, Karl Lagerfeld, worked out

With the third anniversary of Karl Lagerfeld’s death 2 weeks ago, on 19th February, was remembered his last interior design project. It was the Hôtel de Crillon on collaboration with the architect Aline Asmar d’Amman redecorating the hotel as “King Karl”.

Returning from Venice, place where she have been in charge on the renovation of the historic Palazzo Dona Giovanelli but also working on Lebanese pavilion for the Biennale, the renowned architect share some of her memories of working with Karl Lagerfeld which we will share here.

Aline Asmar d’Amman, a renowned architect that collaborate, for instance, with Karl Lagerfeld on Hôtel de Crillon

Aline confessed that she have an old habit – since she was a little kid, that whenever she wanted something she used to write a letter and so she did and against all the odds, she wrote a letter addressing the designer went to this private library and studio at 7L bookstore and asked the bookseller to let it on his table and convince him to collaborate with her on this project.

Karl Lagerfeld sketched this sofa in private letters to the architect

Original sketches for one of the sofas of the Hôtel de Crillon

karl lagerfeld sketch
Karl Lagerfeld’s original sketches

The next day, he called although, the architect did not pick up because it was a blocked number. Karl Lagerfeld left her a message and after 30 minutes he called her back to discuss the project

karl lagerfeld sketch
Sketch for the gray velvet sofa

During the call, he thanked her for the gesture and let her know that the project was really appealing. He quote the poet Malaparte, who once said that the Hôtel de Crillon was “the best of Paris today”

Karl Lagerfeld  's last design
Part of the Hôtel de Crillon

The architect explain it worked out smoothly since the beginning and even confess how impressed she was by how quick and precise he knew what he wanted almost like an architect.

karl lagerfeld 's last design
Registers from their collaboration

The process and the plans for the renovation

He was planning to design two suites, latter called ” Les Grands Appartements”, inspired by the royal apartments in the Palace of Versailles. They are both located on the fourth floor from where they can offer a breath-taking view over the Plaçe de la Concorde. Since the first meetings on site, he made very clear his vision to create the apartments that besides that, allowed the guests to see the Grand Palais surrounded by a luxurious environment, that if you are aware of his history, it had a special meaning for him.

karl lagerfeld 's last design
A royal touch on the design to give the luxurious environment the designer aim

This collaboration took place for five years even if most of the decisions where made very quickly. The boisseries on the walls were inspired by the Château de Crécy, demolished during the French Revolution. Meanwhile, the furniture, was covered in gray velvet simply because he liked the gray of the sky over Paris. As he said himself “le gris du bassin de Paris”.

Any issues during the process of construction and decoration?

The architect confess that happened some obstacles. For instance, the designer wanted to have a special velvet embossed print on the covers. Effect that only a craftsman in Paris could supply which caused some problems having in mind the specific print was so used in the past that could no longer be used. Although, the architect didn’t took a no as answer and somehow everything worked out in the end.

karl lagerfeld 's last design
Les Grands Appartements are inspired by the Palace of Versailles
They worked with light tones, a classic and luxurious design

After the five years of collaboration it was took to an end. So Karl designed furniture in marble, and took care of the production. They both chose the material, stone, using one black and other white. The white one was brought from a quarry that have not been used for over 30 years. In the end, end up being slightly different from the initial plane turning it into sculpture instead of furniture. The editions are also very exclusive, with only eight copies and four artist’s proofs existing at any given time. They can be found on Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery.

The bathrooms with Karl Lagerfeld’s signature in white
and black but both of the options are luxious and elegant

Any architect’s favorite design?

Aline explaines that is hard cause she like them all although also express her admiration for how Karl managed to bring Greco-Roman antiquity to the present. Even if the classical foundation in all the designs are very clear, Karl was able to turn it modern and extremely actual.

” Architectures” was one of his last projects

Apart from Karl’s villa in Louveciennes and, for instance, his fashion collections this was his last interior design project. She set up the opening at Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery in December 2018, which was his last public appearance against all the odds.

Black marble bathroom with Karl’s signature
Using the alcove space the bedroom was decorated in neutral colors such as white, beige and gray
Living room of one of the apartments- furniture covered with a rosy velvet fabric adding a special embossed print on the chairs
Karl Lagerfeld wanted to cover the chairs in gray velvet because he loved the gray of the Paris sky
A luxurious crafted double door open the environment to this unique places on the Hôtel de Crillon

Source: Architecture Digest