Money Heist Season 5 is out here. As get ready to binge-watch the latest series of episodes, we went through Money Heist’s most iconic characters and pictured the Money Heist cast as home accessories, to decorated and keep you company in your marathon.

La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5

The Professor

La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Professor

44 Office Desk by Hommés Studio

The Professor from Money Heist cast is the mastermind behind the heist at two of the most guarded buildings in Spain. He is organized and methodist, able to plan and foresee all the scenarios. The Professor is, obviously, an office desk like the 44 Office by Hommés Studio.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Tokio

Body and Mind
Mody Orange Cushion by ACH Collection

Tokyo is resilient and determined. As a person, she’s daring and energetic, always in the urge to do something rather than relaxing. Therefore, Tokyo from Money Heist as a home accessory must be an outdoor one, like the Mody Orange by ACH Collection, a cushion made of weather-resistant fabric.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Lisbon

Bonnie Chair
Bonnie Chair by Hommés Studio

Lisbon from the Money Heist cast has to be a Bonnie by Hommés Studio. The furniture design studio created a Bonnie Chair which is paired with a Clyde Center Table. In the series, Lisbon is totally a Bonnie – an outlaw due to a romance. The blocky shape of the modern chair represents the tenacity and resilience of Lisbon.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Nairobi

Nairoby Stool by Hommés Studio

Nairoby by Hommés Studio takes inspiration from the character of Money Heist with the same name. Nairobi, the character, is a kind-at-heart girl boss. She’s brave, balanced, and ambitious. As homeware, she’s a modern stool with an exquisite design that provides comfort and a sense of belonging.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Helsinki

La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Helsinki
Lacrimosso Ceramic Figurine by ACH Collection

Perhaps the most sentimental and sensitive character among the Money Heist cast. Helsinki is deeply about others. If you want to bring a little bit of Helsinki inside your home, Lacrimosso by ACH Collection is the perfect home accessory for that duty. It represents kindness and selflessness.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Berlin

Candle Decor
Achi Black Scented Candle by ACH Collection

Berlin from the Money Heist cast is charming and provocative. He likes to joke in uncomfortable situations and is optimistic about life in general. As a home accessorie, the character is an Achi Black by ACH Collection, an elegant and subtle way of changing the mood of a room.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Rio

ACH Collection
Michel II Bowl by ACH Collection

Pictured as fragile, Rio from Money Heist is sensitive and romantic, yet smart. Just like Michel II by ACH Collection, Rio evokes beauty and hope. and its golden accents.


La Casa de Papel - Money Heist Season 5 - Alicia

Gift Guide of 2021
Nina Ceramic Figurine by ACH Collection

Seen as ruthless and cold-hearted, Alicia from Money Heist is the ultimate girl boss. She is tenacious and determined and she rules in a men’s world. With Nina by ACH Collection, Alicia and Nina share bold character and strength.

What is your favorite character from the Money Heist cast? And which one are you bringing inside your home?
Visit ACH Collection and Hommés Studio to discover the home accessories and furniture design pieces that portrait your Money Heist’s favorite character and decor your home with meaningful design pieces.