Lighting Design Pieces is something that doesn’t cross everyone’s mind, however, design lovers know the importance of them and so do we! Discover our top 10 and fall in love with these amazing table lamps!

Lighting Design Pieces

You should never underestimate the value of a lighting piece, especially the table lamps because they can make all the difference. There is power among light!

1. Bell Table Light,
Tom Dixon

2. Luminous Table Lamp,
Hommés Studio
3. Haas Simon Leg Table Lamp,
4. Lynx Table Lamp,
Hommés Studio

Lighting Design Pieces

Lighting Design Pieces, such as table lamps, don’t serve only to decorate a home, they are an important part of a bedroom, for example. Or even your office, when you are working at home. Table Lighting is very important in these two places because it can guarantee your good work or your reading.

5. Eclipse Table Lamp,
ACH Collectio
6. The Elephant Table Lamp,
Jonathan Charles

7. Casimer Table Lamp,
Fuse Lighting
8. Astley Akira Table Lamp,
9. Oluce Atollo Table Lamp,
Vico Magistretti


Lighting Design Pieces
10. Avocado Table Lamp, ACH Collection

We want to conclude our article regarding Lighting Design Pieces, especially table lamps with one of the most iconic elements of the ACH Collection! Avocado Desk Lamp has a unique form, aligned with an outstanding and elegant design. You can also find him in Green Jade Color our Spring Lake Color!

Avocado Spring Lake
Avocado Green Jade