Whatever your taste, situation, or preferred breed, there is a dog out there for you. And also a book for you. Yes, you’ve read correctly, a book. The new publications emphasize the sheer breadth of canine diversity – with a sense of cuteness everywhere. The design, and the dogs, of the house and the interiors are a big theme on these pages, with good reason: our furry best friends need a fancy place to sit, stay, and lie down.

For many homeowners, two loves are likely to live in constant opposition. The first, your thoughtfully decorated home; the second, your canine companion, the one and only (dog) love of your life. But riddle me this: What exactly do the world’s best and brightest interior designers, who also happen to be proud pet owners, do at their own homes?

The books came with the answer: they show that it is possible to create an elegant and refined design, whether in a modernist hideaway in Palm Springs, a cozy seaside retreat, or an elegant old stone house in the countryside of England, with the presence of your dog. Who knew that (wo)man’s best friend could inspire their stylish owners’ houses too?

Trust us: You won’t be able to keep your paws off these fetching tomes.


At Home in the English Countryside:
Designers and Their Dogs

Susanna Salk, author of several books on home and lifestyle, combines three irresistible topics in this Rizzoli release. Her text is accompanied by an introduction by interior specialist Nina Campbell and illustrated by photographs by Stacey Bewkes.

An intimate celebration of British country life with all the hallmarks of how design and dogs are as intertwined as roses and Wellingtons. This dreamy look into some of the most beautiful country homes and gardens in England, lived in by many of Britain’s brightest design stars and their dogs, is brimming with inspirations.

Sophie Conran’s home and her lurcher, Mouse, in Wiltshire. The sofas are by Conran’s father, famed designer Sir Terence Conran.
Photo by Stacey Bewkes.

Readers are introduced to 300-year-old stone houses and lush, rose-dotted gardens, and to their owners, prominent creative talents all. Anouska Hempel, for example, sits with her two labs under a veritable waterfall of wisteria at her Bath retreat, a 1711 Dutch-style beauty with moldings for days, which she has stuffed with maximalist-chic baubles. 

Anouska Hempel poses with her Italian whippets, William and Wattle.
Photo by Stacy Bewkes.

Reflecting a typical English decoration, the elegant houses are full of artistic representations of dogs, from figurines to wallpapers. In an excellent example, two stone dog sculptures parallel designer Katharine Pooley and her terrier Jack Russell on the steps of the entrance to her old stone house, called the Coach House, in Oxfordshire.

Katharine Pooley with her Jack Russell terrier, Herbie.
Photo by Stacy Bewkes.

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Palm Springs: Modern Dogs at Home 

Authored by photographer Nancy Baron and released by Schiffer Publishing, the book takes its cue from the spare mid-century modern architecture it celebrates. There’s a bare minimum of text about each dog and a simple identification of the homes’ architects, who include top names like William Krisel, Herbert Berns and Donald Wexler.

An American Akita named Rocky poses in a residence built by Sam Pascal in 1956.
Photo by Nancy Baron.

Many of the dogs are rescues. Fido Galore, a pit mix, probably never imagined that she’d move from languishing in the pound to lounging on a luxurious, shaggy throw in a 1969 house by Krisel. Although it’s not stated explicitly, there seems to be a connection between the preservation of these masterful modern homes and the embrace of unwanted dogs. All it takes is the right eye to see it.

Photo by Nancy Baron.

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Cool Dogs, Cool Homes:
Living in Style with Your Dog 

There’s definite truth to the old saying that dogs look like their owners. The question now is: do interiors become more like their four-legged occupants? Author Geraldine James doesn’t provide a definitive answer in this CICO Books release, although James Gardiner’s photos reveal a lot of dog-shaped depressions in sofas.

In a house in West Sussex, Blin, a rather furry standard poodle, lounges on an equally fuzzy throw not far from an Eero Saarinen Tulip table surrounded by Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs.
Photo by James Gardiner.

It is divided into five sections, so you can choose the one that suits you: Urban Dogs, Country Dogs, Shoreside Dogs, Design Dogs and Rescue Dogs. But don’t be put off by an isolated chapter, some relate to the type of hound, others to the setting — exemplifies the charmingly British offhandedness of the book, set in London and elsewhere in England.

Hardy lazes atop one of two contemporary Italian sofas in the living room of a house not far from the River Thames in Southwest London.
Photo by James Gardiner.

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Resident Dog, Volume Two: Incredible Homes and the Dogs Who Live There 

Photographer Nicole England follows up her first volume, published in 2018, with a daring departure: a dog book in which some of the shots are totally dog-free. The order of the title’s topics also seems to signal her priorities; home design comes first.

Rosie the Cavapoo enjoys roaming the rooms of a house designed by Found Associates in England’s Cotswolds.
Photo by Nicole England.

The book, from the publisher Hardie Grant, favors stark contemporary architecture with lots of spare and powerful concrete walls, and modern design landmarks.
It bounces around the globe from New York City, where Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler’s ebullient and colorful apartment harbors the mutt Foxylady; to Washington State, where a restrained Olson Kundig–designed wood-framed residence is home to Louis the labradoodle; to Mexico City, where a striking house by legendary modernist architect Luis Barragán is enjoyed by not one, not two, but eight dogs of various breeds.

An Italian greyhound named Valentino practices a modified downward dog in a 1946 house in Melbourne, Australia.
Photo by Nicole England.
Willie, a mixed breed, pads around his seaside home in Malibu, California, which he shares with its owner, the interior designer Kelly Wearstler, his human.
Photo by Nicole England.

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