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    Category: World Interiors

    World Interiors

    Victoria-Maria – Brussels Home Interior Design 

    Victoria-Maria designed a unique home in the heart of Europe, Brussels. She transformed a dark house into a place full of natural light. Besides that, the German interior designer chooses Titan Wall Mirror, by Hommés Studio to be the centerpiece of the kitchen.


    Pet Accessories ACH4 – NEW Decor Collection for Dogs and Cats 

    Pet Accessories’ new Collection by ACH is called ACH4 and we can’t wait to present it to you! Because she will cause a revolution! If you care for the planet as much as you care for your dog or cat, you’ll love ACH’s new pet collection, ACH4. Gnawing a shoe or running around the yard can be exhausting – not to mention the jet lag. Your furry baby deserves the best, and by the best, we mean a stylish and comfortable dog bed.

    Outdoor Design Collection

    Outdoor Design Collection – Modern Furniture on Set 

    Outdoor Design Collection where Bold & Serene introduces multifunctional furniture. Romantic swing chairs, mid-century modern daybeds, or versatile side tables. Meet Hommés and ACH Coll. favorite pieces from our new collection which are here to challenge the outdoor living design.

    Living Room Interior Design

    Living Room Interior Design – 15 Outstanding Ideas 

    Living Room Interior Design Ideas to complete one of the most important spots of your home! Revamp your living room layout! We’ve curated 15 ideas to style a modern living room. What will you need? At least one coffee table, and striking seating furniture. A stylish rug is also a must-have. Then you just need to be bold and creative. Take a peek at our suggestions, and be inspired.

    Coffee Tables

    Style Your Living Room With 13 Outstanding Coffee Tables 

    Our Studio Team has come up with 13 luxurious Coffee Tables that are present in the Market. From originals mid-century vintage to sleek marble coffee tables. Here, we can guarantee you that you’ll find the most adequate table for your living room.