Trends 2022 is one of the most exclusive ebooks of ACH Collection and Hommés Studio. It combines the most amazing design pieces in the colors that will be trending. Today we have Northern Droplet.

Northern Droplet (Pantone 14-4104 TCX) is a trendy color for 2022. It is a simple color, with a unique touch. You can use it in coverings, objects, or even smooth fabrics.

Roxey Pet Bed, ACH Collection
Gyvaté Armchair, Hommés Studio
Marte Tray, ACH Collection

You can use Northern Droplet in decorative pieces and smooth fabrics. The truth is that its neutral effect will give you the possibility to use it more and more, and the result will be marvelous.

Boxer Figurine Décor, ACH Collection
Ajui Sofa, Hommés Studio

Northern Droplet has the color of a full moon, and it will be one of the most elegant colors you’ll see for 2022.