Pantone Adobe is a funky color, just like the 70’s. It is a warm color that evokes enthusiasm and excitement, so it’s a good choice to have at home.

Pantone Adobe

Adobe (Pantone 17-1340 TCX) is our last color in the Future of Trends 2022 Ebook. However, that doesn’t mean that is less important. On the contrary is a very common color that can be used in every room.

Malala Chest of Drawers, Hommés Studio
Cadiz Pet Bed, ACH Collection
Kósmos Center Table, Hommés Studio

Pantone Adobe

Adobe Color is the classic choice that combines with darker and lighter and tones. It will work for walls, furniture, and decorative objects! A variant from the red shade that brings that earthiness up!

Fifih Bench, Hommés Studio

Cat Tray, ACH Collection