Trends 2022 sets the future! ACH Collection and Hommés Studio combined forces in order to present you the most exclusive pieces.

Trends 2022

Daffodil (Pantone 14-0850 TCX) is one of the colors of our Trends 2022 Ebook. This color makes us travel to the 60’s and 70’s. This yellow tone brings sun, happiness and optimism.

Nocturne Daffodil, ACH Collection
Monk Room Divider, Hommés Studio
Hero Figurine Décor, ACH Collection

Trends 2022

Daffodil Color can work in all rooms, from decorative pieces to kitchen furniture. It can be used with smooth tones or with similar shades of colors.

French Bulldog, ACH Collection
Giulia Sofa, Hommés Studio

Be bold, be daring with our Trends 2022 Ebook!