Wise travelers know that traveling is not just about the destination; Getting there is half the fun. The meaning of the journey itself is embodied in Japan’s luxurious Seven Stars sleeper train. This cruise train was created to bring new life to train travel, and I promise to do it! Discover the wonders of traveling on Japan’s first luxury sleeper train – one of the most difficult travel tickets to catch in the world.

The Seven Stars cruise train, also known as Nanatsuboshi in Kyushu, gets its name from both the seven prefectures of Kyushu and the seven most praised aspects of the region. This includes the train system itself, nature, hot springs, energy points, the history of the region, its cuisine and the friendliness of the Kyushu people.

Seven Stars Kyushu has elevated the concept of time travel: through this train you can feel, at the same time, the future of rail travel and its most illustrious past. The luxurious and classic decor dates back to days gone by, while technological advances and large, picturesque windows take the comfort of traveling by train to new heights. Each of its cars was designed to meet the needs of its passengers and exceed their expectations.

Passengers can choose between 1 of 12 standard suites or 1 of 2 deluxe suites. Each suite has a sleeping area, a seating area and a private bathroom with a shower and toilet.

The chefs and managers of the Jupiter Dining Car pride themselves on friendly and excellent service. The dishes served reflect the nature and culture of the island of Kyushu, with ingredients harvested from the countryside and the seas.

The most notable is that the Blue Moon Lounge Car offers a bar service with day and night service. Daytime tours from its large windows are complemented by a grand piano and live music at night.

Trips on Seven Stars range from two days, one night to four days, three nights for regular trips, while premium trips can last up to six days, five nights. Premium trips include tour guides and explore different aspects of the island, from music to wine production.

All trips have a maximum of 30 passengers, and some include accommodation in exclusive hotels along the route, giving guests a break from the train and a chance to explore the region up close. Prices start at $ 2,900 per person for a two-day and one-night trip.

We hope you liked Seven Stars as must as we did. After traveling on this luxurious train, choosing another means of transport will be the most difficult.

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