You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to pull off a stunning dining room design. With the following 7 Golden Rules, you’ll make the best use of space and create the perfect environment for a pleasing meal time.

Rule No. 1: Find Purpose

Golden Rules for Dining Room Interior Design

Before starting off to design a dining room, it is crucial to ask oneself (or the client) the purpose of that space. Will it host dinner parties or family gatherings? Are there any kids in the house? Do you have business meetings around the table? All at once? How big or small is the room? How many sits will you need? Having these questions answered will help to set the space. Not only to decorate it the most stylish way but mostly to make it a functional room. You can only choose the right seating and the right table once you have the answers to these questions.

Rule No. 2: Enclose de Dining Area

Enclosed Dining Area

Designing a limit around the dining area will create a more intimate room as well. For an open-concept home, there’s a lot of possibilities, from room dividers to plants or lighting fixtures surrounding the dining area. It is up to your imagination.

Rule No. 3: Have A Conversation Starter

Dining Room's Conversation Starter

What is going to steal the room and igniting the conversation? It is great to always have an ice breaker. It can be a contemporary art piece, a dining table in exquisite marble, or the chandelier on the ceiling. And obviously the food. But when it comes to being around a table, it is mandatory to make it more than just providing food for your body. Each mealtime must be a sensory experience.


Rule No. 4: Find The Right Lighting

Suspension Lamp in Dining Room

Light commands the visual perception of the viewer. Therefore setting the right light in your dining room will influence the perception of your guests of it. Does the room have natural light in or not? Is the table near the windows? Is the ceiling high or low? Once you have the answer to these questions, this article will help you to decide on the best lighting fixture for your dining room.

Rule No. 5: Table As The Focal Point

Table as the focal point at the dining room

No matter the size of the dining room, the dining table always must be the focal point in it. The purpose of a dining room is to sit around the table and have a good time, right? By converging the room towards the table, you are invinting guest to sit and enjoy their meal.

Rule No. 6: Be Bold

Colors, Patterns and Textures in Dining Room Design

Be bold! This is interior design 101. The best interior design projects mix colors, textures, patterns, and styles. Pick some timeless vintage design pieces and mix them with contemporary furniture. Along the creative process, add some color to the dining room. Create a monochrome look or add up discreet pops of colors, the goal is to create an identity and to provide visual pleasure for the guest.

Rule No. 7: Add Personality To It

Dining Room Design with Singular Aesthetic

A dining room won’t be remarkable if it simply is following trends. You must set an identity for the room. But how do you do it? Try custom-made furniture that will provide the right fit for the room or rare vintage pieces. You can also add references to your personal taste or hobbies. Decorate the room with unique art pieces of objects made by yourself. The idea is to try to set something that no other dining room will have. Make it unique and own it!

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