Fall-Winter 2022/2023 and which colors should we keep in mind for the season. All of these tones have a story of positivity and indulgence.

WGSN, the global authority on design trends, and Coloro, the universal color system, have announced the colors for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023. All colors you’ll see have a timeless feeling. Emotion is the key!



Coloro: 150-38-31

Orchid Flower is the Color of the Year for 2022. It is a catchy color tone, that values small luxuries and precious things. Its inspiration is the exotic orchid plant, with long-lasting flowers and distinct perfume. This is a Fall-Winter color that should be used to create two things: contrast and impact.

According to Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN, she says that “Fashion industry experts, in particular, are debating the rationale behind showing seasonally, and this is accelerating a move to a seasonless approach.”

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Coloro: 122-25-24

All in order to continue our list, now with Lazuli Blue, a passionate color. This is a dark blue that stays instantly in our minds, that happens because of its natural mineral quality. This is a tone that shows a sense of clarity, and it has a connection with the digital world.

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According to Joanne Thomas, Head of Content at Coloro, says that: “Every season we collaborate with WGSN to identify the tones that will make the biggest impact in two years’ time – the result of a wealth of research and analysis. As we focus more on design for longevity, we have chosen colors that will be cherished for the long term, and not just a season.”



Coloro: 017-23-07

Dark Brown never goes out of style, and the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 needed to have this color. This color has its inspiration from dark lacquers and antique finishes and there’s nothing we do not love about it.

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Coloro: 062-57-10

Balance and relaxation are what this Jade tone brings! It also has a blue undertone that is calming and refreshing. Jade is a mineral from Asia, with a strong story, because it is connected with the heart chakra and has historical associations with wisdom, courage, and equality.

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Coloro: 034-76-27

Last, but not least, Honeycomb! It gives a sense of warmth because of its yellow tones. But that is not the only thing that this color holds, in fact, this one is part of a collection of ochre tones this season. “We associate this color with the protection and preservation of nature and agriculture.”

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Credits to: WGSN and COLORO

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