G-Eazy has a property located in the Hollywood Hills, where he can work and relax! This was the main objective after he pays $1,75 million for this property.


G-Eazy always wanted to have a place where he can combine his personal life and his work. And that was exactly what happened with his Hollywood Hills place. According to G, he says that “I’m eternally connected to my work so it just made a lot of sense to create a place where life and work intersect.”.

Hollywood Hills

This Los Angeles home has two characteristics, it is comfortable and inviting. This was something that G-Eazy said to Melody Jimenez, the MA Creative interior designer responsible for this place.


Rapper G-Eazy

We have to talk about something that is quite important for the rapper. He transformed one of the four bedrooms of the house into a closet. But not any closet, it is the place where he has his sneaker collection, around 500 pairs.

Los Angeles


Luxury interior design

G says that “I love the whole culture around sneakers,”, “so I really wanted it to feel like you were walking around a museum.”

Los Angeles home


G-Eazy home

The custom neon sign reading “When It’s Dark Out” refers to the title of G’s second studio album. 

interior design

music rapper

This is the guest room where we can find acacia wood side tables and an antique, but beautiful rug.


“Taste is a very nuanced thing,” says G. “I’m someone who cares about aesthetics, but I also want an energy and a vibe in a home to come through in the interior design.”

Credits to Architectural Digest; Photography by Sam Frost