Modern Interior Design Trends for 2022 is a combination of top design trends that we must know about. Even more if we want to make changes at home.

Color Blocking

Modern Interior Design Trends

There is a certain magic in color blocking, because you have the possibility to combine bold shades, in order to have a unique and modern design aesthetic. In particular, we can talk about pillow covers, because you can use them in almost every room of a home.

Curved Unique Design

Modern Interior Design Trends

Regarding curved design, it is important to talk about chairs with curved backrests, or rounded sofas, or even arched doorways. There is no limits for this trend and we believe that this year we are going to see it a lot more.

Oversized Everything

Modern Interior Design Trends

Modern Interior Design Trends needed to include the theme Oversized Everything. And why is this a good option at home? Because it feels more comfortable and lighthearted.

Modern Maximalism

Modern Interior Design Trends

According with Caroline Williamson (Editorial Director of Design-Milk), “Minimalism always seems to be on trend but in recent times maximalism has been rising to the top. Perhaps it’s because we’ve all been stuck inside our homes during this never-ending pandemic and we’re craving something more – bold colors, repeating patterns, geometric shapes,”. So it is time to give a chance to Modern Maximalism and make a difference at home.

Biophilic Design

Modern Interior Design Trends

Biophilic Design is also included in our list of Modern Interior Design Trends for 2022. It is a concept that aims to bring nature indoors. This trend will bring peace and Mother Nature to your home. For example, “indirect natural elements by incorporating natural shapes, materials, and textures into your space, or bring the greenery in with planters and vases.”, says Alexa Morales (Commerce Editor at Design Milk).

Credits to: Design Milk