Nina Magon is a chameleon. Some designers are specialist in commercial projects, while other master residential projects. Her work is different. The Houston-based interior designer studio has a wide range of jaw-dropping projects – residential, commercial, and hospitality.

Nina Magon's Work

Nina Magon has been featured in distinguished publications around the world. Architectural DigestElle DécorHospitality Design Magazine, and Wall Street Journal are some of the names that have recognized the brilliance of her work.

The Work of Nina Magon
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The Work Of Nina Magon

Nina Magon is chamaleonic. Not only in the projects she develops but also in her distinctive interior design style. Her work is eclectic. Taking inspiration from her Indian heritage, she developed a unique sensitivity for acknowledging, respecting, and honoring other cultures. Therefore, textured wallpapers, silks and chiffons, and metallic details are often featured in Nina Magon’s interior design projects.

Eclectic Interior Design

Her team is also a representation of Nina Magon’s sensitivity, as well as an appreciation for different cultures. The team of Latin Americans, Black Africans, Chinese, and European artists deliver a singular approach to every project. In other words, Nina Magon’s team is a melting-pot. Multi backgrounds and cultural interpretations converge at Nina Magon Studio. As a result, Nina Magon’s work owns a unique language.

Commercial Interior Design

Residential Projects

Kips Bay Palm Beach

A dreamy pink interior located in Palm Beach. Honoring the pink aesthetic of Palm Beach, Nina Magon Studio creates a residential interior design project which is simultaneously classic and futuristic. Here, Art Deco meets Memphis Design Style.

The Work of Nina Magon
The Work of Nina Magon

C Residence

C Residence is a residential interior design project with streamlines and neutral hues. The interior design project is full of dark hues and sophistication. Nevertheless, Nina Magon’s choice about the furniture and homeware makes this house an involving place.

The Work of Nina Magon
The Work of Nina Magon

Penthouse At Westin Hotel

Nina Magon Studio adds pops of color to this eclectic interior design project in natural hues. Therefore, the residential project gets a vibrancy and turns into a modern interior.

The Work of Nina Magon
The Work of Nina Magon
Luxury Objects

Commercial Projects

Mint Baby Boutique

A stunning commercial project for a baby clothes boutique. This commercial interior design project adds modernity to the art deco interior style. Nina Magon Studio uses soft hues, namely white, grey, and mint green. In addition, the golden details make a luxury statement.

The Work of Nina Magon

Macaron By Patisse

A French-inspired patisserie asks for authentic art-deco glamour. This commercial work of Nina Magon Studio is a journey in time.

Nina Magon Interior Design Projects
Nina Magon Interior Design

Moderno Porcelain Works

A showroom for Moderno brand which is the epitome of contemporary interior design style. Nina Magon matches the texture of marble with wood. The end result is an imposing yet inviting commercial space.

Moderno Porcelain Works
Moderno Porcelain Works


Solaya SPA | Salon by Houstonian

Her work regarding hospitality is described as Haute Hospitality. In her hospitality interior design projects, Nina Magon is also eclectic. As we can see, this Spa has art deco flair and soft hues combined with modern furniture.

SPA Interior Design

Luxury Hotel

This is a proposal from Nina Magon Studio. The interior design studio designs a lobby that mixes the art deco terrazzo floor with timeless vintage furniture in this luxury hotel. In addition, there are several conversational areas with modern furniture. Unsurprisingly, the work of the interior designer includes eye-catching sculptures and an imposing suspension lamp in gold. On another hand, this luxury hotel has contemporary suites, almost futuristic. A project which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also the materialization of such a diverse team.

Luxury Hotel by Nina Magon Studio
Luxury Hotel by Nina Magon Studio

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