Playing is no longer what it was. And the toys themselves, if they could travel in time, would not recognize each other! Most of them look very childish or dated. A simple playhouse today contains innovative and gendered design elements that are truly worthy of admiration. For more contemporary options, you can opt for some DIY skills or pay a premium for the ready to build – and you still have to assemble it yourself! The dream would be to find something that solves all these small big problems. Haus is the answer!

Designed by Janos Stone, HAUS is a unique playhouse that acts as a blank canvas for children to explore their creativity and imagination.

Its design is rooted in the Bauhaus principles, which believe that children develop their academic, social and emotional skills from tools and environments that encourage exploratory play. Stone, whose grandparents Gyorgy and Juliet Kepes were members of the Bauhaus movement, designed this theater to continue their legacy.

HAUS is made of corrugated plastic 100% recyclable playhouse. It arrives flat in a thin and convenient portfolio and can be assembled in minutes. It is safe to say that it is any parent’s dream: easy to assemble, disassemble, and tidy up.

And because Stone thought of everyone, it is also the dream of all children: they can paint, draw, make all the artistic doodles they want (parents will never be upset because it can be cleaned!)

For hours of fun for the kids (and hours of rest for the parents), this Haus playhouse is a great way to spend your afternoon indoors or outdoors.