Pantone Dark Oak is part of our Ebook The Future of Trends 2022 where ACH Collection and Hommés Studio put together exclusive and unique pieces for your home!

Pantone Dark Oak (Pantone 19-1223 TCX) has always had a special place in our hearts because it is a unique brown!

Senska Vase, ACH Collection
Babar Sideboard, Hommes Studio
Trojan Figurine Décor, ACH Collection

Pantone Dark Oak

This Pantone Color has pigment, so it will be the best choice for strong design rooms. It is considered a warm color so it has that unique feeling of homecoming.

Yves Center Table, Hommés Studio
Arcana Bench, Hommés Studio

Pantone Dark Oak

Dark Oak is the color of the wood! So keep this powerful shade around you; it’s not just a classic but is the perfect match for soft and warm neutral colors. 

ACHI White Candle, ACH Collection