Pantone Harbor Blue is a perfect shade. She is featured in ACH Collection and Hommes Studio The Future of Trends 2022 Ebook and we want to share it with you.

Pantone Harbor Blue

Pantone Harbor Blue (Pantone 18-4721 TCX) is a unique color, bright and bold. It can be used in bedrooms and wellness spots. This blue shade is an instant connection to the sea and to the sky, so you’ll feel peace and calm around it.

Ajui II Armchair, Hommés Studio
Sheba Pet Bed, ACH Collection
Rosalia Sideboard, Hommés Studio

Pantone Harbor Blue

Harbor Blue is a color that leads to transparency and richness. Authentic and flawless, this tone matches every tone and material of this list—Use it to attribute character to any room, design piece, or decorative object. It’s all up to you!

Saturn Canister, ACH Collection