When it comes to designing surfaces around the home, coffee tables usually get the most attention, stealing the spotlight. But console tables are just as important – even more so, since they’re often located in the entryway, where making a good first impression is crucial. Although we are also featuring decorating ideas for console tables throughout the living room.

So read on to learn how to style console tables with these 11 decorating ideas for console tables. Trust us – these simple styling tricks will pull the whole house together.

Choose Functional Decor

A basket on the lower level of this console in a room designed by Reath is perfect for random things like scarves and sweaters, but also looks stylish.

Photo by Laure Joliet

Put a Stool to Use

If you don’t have a two-tier console table, you can still create a space for extra books and decorative items. Get creative and use an accent stool when it’s not being used for seating.

Photo by Nicole Franzen
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Be Strategic About Storage

If you want something in your entryway that has the look of a console table but adds more storage space, opt for a sleek dresser like the interior designer Raji Radhakrishnan did here. The drawers allow you to hide unsightly items.

Photo by Joshua Mchugh

Mix it with Art

Entryways are the first thing visitors see when they step inside your home, so it needs to be memorable and inviting. The Majestic Entryway is an irreverent and bold interior with a statement piece (both console table and painting) that brings elegance and warmth to the entire home.

Source: Hommés Studio

Put It Behind a Sofa

If you’ve opted for a floating sofa or sectional in a large living room, a console table behind it will be a great visual cue to transition in use while providing additional reading light. Use this room designed by Heather Hilliard as a blueprint.

Photography: John Merkl and Michele Lee Willson

Mix and Match

The unexpected, eye-catching pink walls deserve an equally dramatic console to accompany them. In this 19th-century Brooklyn townhouse from Jonathan Berger, this is achieved with an elaborate gilt mirror and console, a traditional chinoiserie vase filled with oversized cherry blossom branches, and a chandelier. The mod chair mimics the ripples of the decorative bowl. All together it works wonders and creates a pleasant surprise.

Source: House Beautiful

Tuck Stools Underneath

Sculptural, understated, and decidedly avant-garde accents are the name of the game in the living room of Athena Calderone. A rustic wooden console is the perfect storage surface for sculptural vases and a catchall (in this case, for palo santo), as well as a good place to tuck some extra seating underneath – always a good idea in a hospitality space.

Photo by Nicole Franzen

Display On-Theme Flowers

Take a cue from Tamsin Johnson’s console table decorations and use flowers that reflect the artwork – it’s the ultimate way to bring a work of art to life. Even better if you place your arrangement in bold vases like these. The contrast between the playful elements and the classic furniture is refreshingly style-conscious.

Source: Tamsin Johnson

Choose Bold Shapes

Round shapes and stunning silhouettes when combined elevates your comfort and offer the desirable unique style. It is an invitation to present your living room with a new attitude and charismatic style.
A modern living room with softening sharp edges and curved lines to make the Home more comfortable than ever.

Source: Hommés Studio

Try a Bench

Tamsin Johnson chose a rustic console that is close to the floor and can also be used as a bench. Thanks to its rather slim profile, it fits perfectly into a tighter quarter while still providing an additional surface for decoration. The mirrored wall behind it enlarges the space, making it feel more open and airy. The oversized photo leaning against the wall, as well as the modern lamp and minimalist orchard, add a touch of effortless elegance to the room.

Source: Tamsin Johnson Interiors

Stack Coffee Table Books

Or, here’s the final idea that doesn’t require any additional furniture at all: Just stack the books from the floor to the bottom edge of the table, as Nick Olsen has done here. It’s surprisingly stylish and makes your stuff look tidy. Then use the top of the console for a tray of bar essentials, especially in a living room.

Photo by Francesco Lagnese

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