The entryway is kind of a showcase of the house. Although we spend the least time in it, it is worth thinking about its arrangement. After all, it is this room that all guests see first. So, how to arrange a modern entryway properly?

The Art House Residence by Nina Maya - Entryway

The hallway should be primarily maintained in the style of the whole house. Its furnishings depend on its shape. The narrow hallways are perfectly suited for consoles, which are a big hit. This furniture often makes a statement itself, looking like a work of art. Big entryways in a shape of a full-size room can have a center table, sculptures and seating. The key is to choose pieces that won’t be too big or too small for the space.

As a showcase of the house, the entryway should impress and invite people to enter, so it is worth to arrange it in the most artistic style possible. You can add various paintings or sculptures to the project, but also choose furniture that look like works of art itself. Check out a selection of 15 very artistic modern entryways that fit in with this year’s trends:

1. Classy Elegance

This year people turned their interest into refined glamour type of interiors. The outcome is luxury yet classy, with a lot of gold elements and art pieces, that adorn the space with their luxury yet not to loud appearance.

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2. Black and White Elegance

Some may think that black and white interiors are cold and inpractical. But on the other hand, they bring a sense of luxury and glamour. A black and white marble console table in the hallway can elevate the room and take the interior into the highest level of sophistication.

3. Oniric Hallway Design

Oniric vibes are a combination of different cultures, extending an eclectic and modern design style. Oniric hallway design evokes dream products capable of elevating the room by its beautiful selected colors, a harmony of forms, a love for shapes that follows functions.

4. Abstract Energy

This fun, free-spirited abstract interiors trendtakes inspiration from expressionist artwork. This look is all about expressing personality in our homes, evoking emotion and creating a mood.

5. Artsy Console Tables

In recent years console tables are experiencing second youth. They are available in all possible styles and shapes. Some of them are pieces of art itself, like the one from the modern entryway above.

6. Art Gallery Style

Big entryway in a shape of a full size room create the art gallery feeling. It can be arranged around a table that makes a perfect display for some amazing art pieces.

7. Art Deco Modern Entryway

Earthy palettes, combined with neutral shades and polished gold details, provide your home with a luxury and comfortable lifestyle. This entryway has relaxing and sophisticated feeling, that provides warm welcome to all of the visitors.


8. Dark Welcome

Black is a symbol of sophisticated elegance and luxury. Until recently, however, few people decided on black monochrome interiors. Today there are more and more black interiors which are decorated with gold elements or beautiful accessories, such as interesting mirrors or lighting in a modern entryway.

9. Pop Art Eclectic

Colourful interiors with bold colors and crazy patterns are popping up more and more often in interior design magazines. People already bored with white, monochromatic and minimalistic designs are craving for some crazinness. For a modern entryway, try using posters or pop art paintings mixed with some extravagant colorful console table or bench. This unusual mixture surely won’t go unnoticed.

10. Unexpected Art Object

This entryway, A vintage Porsche in the middle of the entryway invites the visitors to a truly artistic experience. Once again, bringing this private residence to a whole new level.

11. Memphis Fever

Memphis style is experiencing a huge comeback, both in fashion and interior design. It’s known for its use of bright neon, primary and pastel colours, geometric shapes, and bold, repetitive patterns. For some it may seem a little too extravagant, but for some other it will be the perfect style for a statement modern entryway.

12. Natural Impressions

This entryway from Hommes Studio evokes dark and bright, bold and sleek, invites to make home a detailed landscape. Natural colors and patterns give a feeling of a perfect forest shelter, that we can hide in for the rest of the day.

13. A Look in the Mirror

Art is an essential part of any modern entryway, it is the perfect place to showcase a sleek console table and statement mirror, a bold painting or sculpture with a vibrant color palette. The artwork is also a great company to the console table.

14. Artistic Lighting Experience

Chandeliers, especially those inspired by the rich palace design, have been a hit in recent years. A chandelier is not only practical modern lighting but also a beautiful decoration that can easily make a statement in the hallway. Today we are seeing a return to chandeliers, appearing in modern and unusual forms. 

15. Decadent Bohemian Entryway

Decadent Bohemian Entryway from Hommes Studio is an eclectic design full of refined details that bring that warmness to the entire home.
It’s a charming entrance styled in modern black and white mood enriched with warm accents. With a strong design aesthetic, this combination of pieces boasts a sleek and fresh look for your home.

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