Mid-Century Modern Table Top Decor is a very important design detail to complete your dining space. We will give you some design ideas!

Table Decor


Mid-Century Modern Table Top

We begin our list of Mid-Century Modern Table Top with The Boy Tray, one of the most recent tray of ACH Collection. This ceramic piece is a revival of the Shadow Play, so he can tells stories. An iconic center piece to have at your dining table.

Mid-Century Modern Table Top

Oskar Tray is a statement piece, which means that is more than just a decorative serving tray. The black and gold details make of him one of the most important decor details of our collection. Besides that, you can also use it as a wall decor.


Mid-Century Modern Table Top

Bowl Decor gives to the dining table a sense of elegance, but also class and luxury. Michel II is considered an artistic piece made of ceramic with a gold leaf touch. Believe us when we say that it will make all the difference in a table decor.

Mid-Century Modern Table Top

Nagy Bowl represents a special edition of the Bauhaus style, and once again we can see how black and gold work so well together.

Mid-Century Modern Table Top

Last, but not least, we can see Schlemmer Bowl, another representation of the Bauhaus style that can be used as a serving bowl or decorative ceramic. All of this piece are handmade and hand-painted by skilled hands and drawn by creative minds.