As days grow shorter, temperature grows colder and tree branches get naked, we prepare our homes – and ourselves – for the Autumn Equinox with the ultimate Fall/Winter Home Decor Guide 2021.

It’s time to exchange the bikinis for the trench coats, the green juices for lattes and to get our home ready to keep our hands – and heart – warm throughout the season.

Sit down comfortably, take off your shoes, and immerse into the biggest interior design trend of the season – snugness.

Discover our 2021 Fall/Winter Home Decor Guide below.

Fall Home Decor Guide 2021

1. Add Lighting Fixtures

bathroom decor ideas - fall home decor guide

Get your home ready for fall by adding lighting fixtures. As days grow shorter, it is mandatory to battle the scarce daylight. For instance, use floor lamps to illuminate dark corners as well as table lamps atop side tables and sideboards. If you’re into more permanent changes, consider implementing new wall lamps to add warmth and mysticism to your home.

Luminous Floor Lamp - Fall Home Decor Guide
Luminous Floor Lamp by Hommés Studio
Cocoon Wall Lamp - Fall Home Decor Guide
Cocoon Wall Lamp by Hommés Studio
Gift Guide of 2021
Avocado Table Lamp by Hommés Studio

2. Give Extra Attention To The Fireplace

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Rustic Home - fall home decor guide

Any Fall/Winter Home Decor Guide demands special care for the fireplace. Autumn and Winter are the time of the year when the fireplace is the focal point of your living room – and the heart of the home since it pumps waves of warmth into the air.
In this manner, give it the love and care deserved. You can remodel its frame, or simply add catching home accessories atop it, such as mirrors, flower vases and vertical-standing trays.

Oskar Round Tray -  Fall Home Decor Guide
Oskar Tray by ACH Collection
Picasso Tray by ACH Collection
Marte Tray by ACH Collection

3. Place Potted Plants And Vases Of Flowers

luxury interior design - fall home decor guide

While trees strip down their leaves, our Fall/Winter Home Decor Guide suggests adding potted plants to your interior design project. It will get you closer to the healthful energy of mother nature. In addition, vases of flowers are obligatory any time of the year. In interior design, flowers always add glimpses of color and depth.

Bowl Collection
Coa Vase by ACH Collection
Bowl Collection
Coa Vase by ACH Collection
Vase Collection
Coa Vase by ACH Collection

4. Use Squishy Shapes For Snugness

Home Decor Ideas - Fall Home Decor Guide

If cold months demand a cozy atmosphere, they demand textured fabrics and round, squishy shapes. Ain’t nothing like being all wrapped up by a comfortable sofa. And we’re pretty sure your beloved pet thinks the same. A well-appointed Fall Home Decor Guide doesn’t put the comfort of your pet aside.
Get your home ready for the Winter with an array of squishy seatings for you. And for your furry baby – get them a squishy pet bed so they can get snug and sleep next to the fireplace.

Biscuit Pet Bed by ACH Collection
Nocturne Pet Bed by ACH Collection
black and white shapes
Sheba Pet Bed by ACH Collection

5. Praise Organic Shapes

Interior Design Projects - Fall Home Decor Guide

Organic shapes add uniqueness to any interior design project. Unpolished surfaces and untamed textures give a sense of motion and mutation, just like the fall season.
Mimicking the outdoor landscape will help you to get closer to nature, as much as potted greenery, and inject your home with revigorating energy.
In addition, a plethora of organic shapes and wild textures gives a rustic flair to your interior design.

Panorama Rug by Hommés Studio
Panorama Rug by Hommés Studio
Combo Rug by Hommés Studio
Combo Rug by Hommés Studio
Antelope Rug by Hommés Studio

6. Warm Up The Room With Fiery Colors

Fine Art - Fall Home Decor Guide

From green, leaves become yellow, golden, and even red. Just like the autumn’s palette metamorphosis, your interior must embrace different pigmentations during the cold season.
In this manner, mustard yellow, orange, sienna, purple, and pink are hues that you should add to your interior design project. Glimpses of fiery hues will cheer up the home and temper a neutral or muted color scheme. 

For more on Fall/Winter color scheme, read the article Fall 2021 Interior Color Trends.

Sensa Vase by ACH Collection
Bowl Collection
Holst Vase by ACH Collection
Galgo 70’s Ceramic Dog by ACH Collection

7. Create Layers

Dubai's Contemporary Villas - Fall Home Decor Guide

Layer after layer you’ll get a homey interior. If it’s the case of a bedroom, turn your bed into a stage for mantels, throws and pillows. Nevertheless, you can juxtapose several rugs, add more home accessories and add covers to dining chairs and seating. As if you were dressing your home for the cold weather.
A stylish and effective option for creating layers is… a set of cushions. Cushions are part of our Fall/Winter Home Decor Guide because they are equally aesthete and welcoming. Due to its aspect, you can easily store them away or simply style them elsewhere. But there’s more! Cushions update an entire room without major changes.

Decorative Cushions
Iron Tiger Cushion by ACH Collection
Decorative Cushions
Gaga Cushion by ACH Collection
Zadine Pig by ACH Collection

8. Cherry on Top: The Smell Of The Season

Scented Candles - Fall Home Decor Guide

None Fall/Winter Home Decor Guide is complete without the scents of the season – pine trees, wood, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Highlight the scents that invade your home – and your heart – during the Autumn with some scented candles.

Achi Candle Black - Home Frangances by ACH Collection
Achi Black by ACH Collection
Achi Candle Green - Home Frangances by ACH Collection
Achi Green by ACH Collection
Achi Candle Yellow - Home Frangances by ACH Collection
Achi Yellow by ACH Collection

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