In this article you’ll learn all you need to be aware to nail in 2022 knowing the trends in vogue

An important event on interior decoration industry , KBIS was realized and brought new perspectives and inspirations for kitchen and bathroom remodeling to nail in 2022. After the forced break due the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the event counted with 375 vendors in which nearly half of them were completely new representing an overall participation up to 9% from 2020.

Next, we will explain all you need to know:

Embrace The Serenity

  • More than ever, people want to have a peaceful environment that feels like home after a busy at work where they can rest and feel comfortable and in peace to restore energies. Probably when we speak about a peaceful environment you might think about a whole spa-like experience, although you can have a similar effect on your kitchen and bathroom remodeling including some nature in your design using, for instance, wood on its natural tone. In fact, this frequent search for this serenity vibes immerge with a need that manufacturers have been working on bringing the outdoor indoor.
Lighter color palette allied with a lot of wood details and plants

 Photo: Courtesy Sherwin-Williams

Although the trend is above and beyond that, art can be one of the areas it can be extended to. A simple example is the one presented above, a Sherwin-Williams’ piece from the new Living Well collection. Totally supported on this trend, it brings an extra layer on your kitchen and bathroom remodeling design.

Embrace The Unexpected

  • The event reenforced the importance of going outside of the box and explore to the maximum what we have to create something unique. For example, a complete home bar set up (with dishwasher and wine refrigerator) pieces normally associated with the kitchen can also be also used on a different set ups – on the living room blending it seamlessly like it was made to be there.

Steaming Is The New Black

  • Lately, customers are showing interest in steam cooking and with it, new products have been developed and launched to supply this need. Along with other trends, steam features are taking multiple industries over such as cooking, cleaning and clothes.

Embrace A.I

  • For a while certain pieces used to belong exclusively to certain areas of the house now are taking it over. Besides that, this movement can have an extra layer with A.I. In fact, as in other areas A.I is taking over the décor and functionality of the home. For instance, on the laundry duties – dosing the amount of soap, water and washing time. With technology on our side the sky is the limit!

A Daring Of Color

  • It’s always exciting to add a touch of color on a interior decoration design. If you agree, this trend might me for you. This trend balance between the lighter and softer tones to the more colorful shades as the multiple examples presented here. Currently, the color of the year, if you’re thinking about putting in practice your kitchen and bathroom remodeling inspiration file on Pinterest is the “green with envy”. Although, if you’re not a big fan of green don’t stress out and invest in other colors and add a special touch to your spaces.
Photo: Courtesy Café Appliances
Photo by: Daniel Kim Photography

Credits to: Architectural Digest