Are you thinking about redesigning your decor? Patterned pillows can be a great choice to give your room a new look. And the options are endless!

ACH Collection has prepared a selection of cushions so that you are aware of the trends for the year 2021. From colors, prints to leather and fabrics, give more color and personality to the room decor. Comfort has never been so fashionable.

Lettering Cushions

Let the pillows speak for you. Choose patterned pillows with lettering.

Martinez Love from ACH Collection
Naranjas Love from ACH Collection

Stripes Pillows

Allow yourself to get into the world of stripes. Maybe all you need is a new pattern for your decor.

Attleboro sham by Schumacher and Matouk
Saddell Stripe Cushion by Ian Mankin
Planet Home

Fringes Cushions

Not all fringes are wrong decisions. Take the movement to your decor with fringes cushions.

Mural from ACH Collection
Circus from ACH Collection
Zebra from ACH Collection
Folk Monkey from ACH Collection

Squares Cushions

Between frames and squares, 2021 brought the shapes back.

Cherry Pillow by Heather Taylor Home
Platsfield Plaid Throw Pillow from Raph Lauren
Goldenrod Petite Pillow by Heather Taylor Home
Decor Book

Animal Cushions

Bring your animal spirit into life in the shape of patterned pillows.

Jewels Eagle from ACH Collection
Zadine Pig from ACH Collection
Monkey Iron from ACH Collection
Gray Ox from ACH Collection

Floral Cushions

Give a touch from the outside in your inside decor with floral cushions. The real question is: are you sure you know your favorite flower?

Imperial Waratah Indigo Pillowcases by Utopia Goods
Jenny Coral by Biscuit Home
Bernardine Throw Pillow from Raph Lauren

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