ACH Collection made a selection of the top 20 interior designers in Mexico City. We believe that everything project must express the owner’s soul, as facial expressions or clothes express the personality of the person who dresses them. Allow yourself to get inspired by these talented professionals that we present to you.

Joel Escalona Studio

Joel Escalona is one of the most influential designers in the Mexican world. Pragmatic, humorous and poetic, are some of his best characteristics. He believes in meaningful ideas that are not afraid of the limits of contemporary design. His motto consists of projects that pull people and involve them in stories and values.

Photo by Mariana Achach

The collection that marked an important point in Joel’s career was Noviembre, a collection of furniture that, through seats, tables, and decorative pieces, explores the shape and movement of the slow, opulent and serene lines that characterize each of these pieces.

Photo by  Mariana Achach
Photo by  Mariana Achach

León León

In León Léon Design Studio, they especially cherish the Don Bonito Tropical Residence project as had the opportunity to intervene at the beginning of the construction phase and were able to infuse every detail of this 9 bedrooms boutique hotel with a holistic approach.

León León was solicited to design everything, from the covering materials and finishes (walls and flooring) to the furniture and decoration elements. They also had to design all the outdoor areas and landscape. In their own words – “We had a lot of fun along the process, it was like designing this warm and peaceful vacation home where you want all your family and friends to visit and gather during summertime. We wanted the place to make people feel spoiled and nurtured but in a subtle, seemly way.”

The result is a minimal look: off-whites, black and natural textures awakened by touches of Aqua and Emerald shades. The emphasis is on personality and quality, aiming to create a timeless and easily evolutive atmosphere.

Olga Hanono

Mexican designer Olga Hanono is known for her bold and original style, unmistakable thanks to the elegance and the use of different materials and details in metal. In each project, the designer is in charge of taking care of every small detail, as she believes that the details make the difference.

Her great inspiration is travel, from which he returns with innovative trends and perspectives on space. In addition to working on residential projects, she also focuses on commercial projects such as restaurants, offices, and hotels.

Planet Home


The main objective of this young studio is to find spaces that complement both the architectural part and the interior! With design projects spread over several areas, this architectural design studio is famous for capturing the clients’ vision and style.
From commercial projects to simple interior design projects, Adearquictectos presents an impressive portfolio of its impressive works. This Mexican design company is one of the fastest-growing architecture studios in the region.

Andrés Gutiérrez

Renowned interior designer Andrés founded his design studio, also known as A-G Studio. It has a wide range of modern residential projects to incredible commercial interiors.

In his inspiring design projects, the interior designer has always based his design on the latest trends, mixing it with traditional Mexican tradition, using local resources.

Comité de Proyectos

The interior and furniture design studio, founded by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto, offers a unique aesthetic approach and a group of spatial solutions that stimulate the dynamics of integration between individuals and living spaces.
His projects are divided between products and collections. The studio’s core is to find a space to communicate motivations.

An amazing project they did was Londres, a two floor apartment with terrace.
Upon entering the apartment through the ground floor one encounters the kitchen, dining room, and living room. With the idea of ​​making the most of the space a wall cabinet was designed. The color palette was chosen by keeping in mind the simple and clean design of the designed furniture and the small size of the area.

The wall furniture is the same tone as the walls so that they merge and only some natural wood accents were left to generate coziness. They designed the handrail and the stairs were also adjusted to receive the space beneath it.

Legorreta Sepúlveda

With over 20 years of experience, this architecture and design studio specializes has a secret to authentic designs in conjunction with architecture, engineering, design, furniture and landscape. Legorreta Sepúlveda combines creative processes and design approaches, from the general to the particular and vice versa.

All of its modern design projects are based on short, medium and long term commitment, monitoring, and collaboration. The life of each project knows different phases – concept, program, project, planning, preparation of plans and specifications, licenses and authorizations, construction supervision, and construction execution. This design studio is considered one of Mexico’s leading design experts.


Esware studio was founded in 2003 by independent interior designer Héctor Esware. With the title of Industrial Designer, his style includes a wide variety of types, from furniture and objects to interiors, installations and cultural exhibitions, and commercial spaces.

In his studio based in Mexico, the award winner Héctor Esware develops contemporary furniture, interior design and architectural solutions for museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, residential complexes and private homes.

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos is an internationally recognized architecture firm based in Mexico City, since 1937. He works with more than 100 design specialists dedicated to the development of architectural projects, urban planning, interior design, and master planning.

Many people may seem confused, but the studio guarantees unique and effective communication between the team so that the final project obtains its maximum potential.

SMA is recognized for its deep commitment to excellence and strategic thinking, which results in fully integrated architectural solutions that contribute to the architectural structure of Mexico City.


MarqCó Studio is a team of design professionals who seek to materialize the client’s needs and aspirations in an integral way. The design process of each project is personal, defining the best solution for each space, transforming it into a unique and special lifestyle to be enjoyed at all times.

They create spaces full of design, without forgetting functionality. They work both inside and outside, and never forget the little ones.

Mariangel Coghlan

Mariangel Coghlan Studio is specialized in reinventing spaces, with over 25 years of experience, committed to building a better and more humane world.

Her team of specialists is passionate about transforming common spaces into extraordinary places. The project is always designed with people in mind, we specialize in the design and execution of residential and commercial interior design projects, remodeling and architectural projects. The goal is to surprise each customer and exceed expectations.

Country house – “Guanajuato” is a favorite project. In this remodeling, they respected the essence of the original construction, giving it new life with more contemporary touches, in addition to increasing several more meters of construction. The space combined with the interior design was the perfect amalgam to achieve an elegant atmosphere, with a certain atmosphere of nostalgia. All the small details were taken care of during the development of the project, the result speaks for itself.


Gloria Cortina

Gloria Cortina is a designer, curator and creative collaborator. She works side by side with clients to enable the construction of a space that unites architecture, design, art and culture, while reflecting the individuality of the project. The spatial placement, the furniture and the individual objects that she creates produce very specific atmospheres and aesthetics, which avoid familiar international styles.

Her inspirations and designs continue to evolve, and there has never been any sense of a ‘home style’ brand. Her work expresses ideas and emotions stimulated by modernity and myths – “a search for harmony and beauty that can be found in conscious and unconscious imaginations”.

Natalia Jiménez Ortíz

Natalia Jiménez Ortiz‘s great passion is interior architecture with new materials and lighting as an ideal complement to harmonize a space psychologically.

She launched a brand, Home Reface, with complete lines of furniture and carpentry. And, throughout her career, she developed a philosophy of sensations and energies that enhance her imagination in all projects.
The purpose of her studio is to create healing and restorative spaces, starting with a reformulation of everything that will be “too much” to make room for the harmony of the elements.


Lemonbe, founded by Lucia González Duran, was born with the purpose of connecting people with their space, through colors that make sense to them. The goal was to change the way in which the customers perceive spaces, improving people’s satisfaction in relation to the feeling that their space causes them as time passes.

They created a design methodology called COLOR therapy where it places the individual at the center of design; under this premise, the business proposal is to connect people with their space through colors that make sense to them.

Top 20 Interior Designers in Mexico

One of their favorite projects is Bambu 602 – a 230 m2 apartment in Mexico City. Through their methodology, Color Therapy, they were able to diagnose the style of the inhabitants of this house, understanding that for the users of these spaces, having the presence of environments that took them back to the place where they grew up was extremely important, since it connects them with the root of life: their childhood.

Top 20 Interior Designers in Mexico
Top 20 Interior Designers in Mexico

Through design, we managed to create the mix of different environments where the history of both is harmoniously integrated creating a space of its own, which has no fashion but aesthetics and many happy memories.

Top 20 Interior Designers in Mexico

Rojkind Arquitectos

The Rojkind Arquitectos focuses on design, business tactics and experiential innovation, through urban strategies and modern architectural solutions. From urban planning, industrial design, and consultancy services to modern architecture and interior design solutions, this incredible architecture and design company specializes in personalized design ideas to match the needs of its customers.

With a focus on investigating contemporary programs, applying the latest technologies, and translating complex digital projects into simple solutions for local manufacturing, Rojkind studio develops personalized experiences for each of the customers and end-users.
They have won several international awards since 2001, such as Project of the Year in Architizer A+ Awards (2018), Architecture + Concrete in Architizer A+ Awards (2018), Top 100 ArchDaily in ArchDaily (2016), among others.

TEN Arquitectos

With 35 years of experience in cultural centers, hotels, museums, residential and urban developments, parks, public spaces and furniture, the architecture studio has offices in Mexico City and New York. Founded by Mexican architect Enrique Norten, this renowned architecture studio specializes in the development of architectural and interior projects with social, environmental, political, and financial responsibility.

The objective is to create luminous spaces that reinterpret modernity, through textures, structures, roofs, and layers that become permeable to the city. Teatro Insurgentes, JVC Convention Center, The Aztec Empire, Sebastian + Barquet Gallery, Hotel Habita, and The Mexican Museum, are some of his most famous projects in Mexico and the USA.

Hotel Habita
The Mexican Museum

Trudy Jordan Design

Trudy Jordan began her professional career in the beautiful city of Mexico, where she developed incredible projects of modern architecture and inspiring interior designers. In addition to his architectural projects and his interior design studio, Trudy also founded Marcopolo in 1997 with her husband Javier Palme, also a prominent architect. This company would end up being one of the first luxury brands in the country to work with Italian luxury brands in the field of high quality furniture and kitchens.

“Trudy Jordan Experience Design for Life” works based on the mission of offering customers the best-personalized design service to deliver their incredible ideas for a contemporary interior design project.


Since 2007, the current chief designer and director of the Peca studio, Caterina Moretti, has enriched her incredible collection of products thanks to her unique ability to work with natural materials, explore texture and shape, and bring nature to the interior in different ways. surprising.

The independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico, has established several collaborations with local artisans and other inspiring designers in order to create an exclusive product catalog, rich in tradition and innovation. Its products range from custom design projects, including furniture, accessories and interior design.

Vía Raíz

Vía Raíz means “via roots” or “via origin” and represents a ‘new’ Mexico that is rooted in tradition and culture. It’s like a tribute to the wave of Mexican artists, makers, and designers that are elevating Mexican craft, cuisine, design, and art.

In collaboration with highly qualified manufacturers and innovative designers who reinterpret traditional Mexican craftsmanship, Vá Raíz is a point where Mexican ancestral craftsmanship meets modern design.

Through the words of the designer, “through the beauty of finely crafted wares, I want people to experience a different aspect of Mexican culture. Mexico has a powerful story to share on the world stage and I’m honored I can take part in telling it.”

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