Italian Village found under the Lake Resia, after more than seven long decades underwater. Lake Resia is a 2,5-square-mile artificial lake, near the borders of Austria and Switzerland.

Italian Village
Aerial Photograph of Curon’s old city bell; Photo by Getty Images/Miguel Medina

Lake Resia has beed for the past years a very popular and nice spot for tourism and hiking, both in Summer and Winter. It has a 14th-century church steeple that appears from the water, that has inspired a book and a Netflix series. Nothing compared with what happened!

Italian Village
Steps from the former village; Photo: Luiza Azzolini

First things first, the history behind it. Back in 1950, the small village of Curson was home to many Italians. This village was intentionally flooded, in order to make way for a hydroelectric plant. After seventy-one years, repairs forced a team to drain the lake and magic happened. Once the lake water was removed, the lost village appears.

Italian Village
A cellar leading further underground; Photo: Luisa Azzolini

Now there is a chance to visit the ruins! It’s known that none of the houses survived the flood, but there are old steps, cellars, and walls that remained standstill.

Italian Village
The Church Tower before the maintenance work; Photo: Getty Images

According to with Luisa Azzolini,  it was a “strange feeling” to be walking in the lost Italian village. There might be a chance to keep this forever in our mind with another book or Netflix series.

Credits to: Architectural Digest; Photography: Getty Images and Luisa Azzolini