The Living Area can be the favorite place of your four-legged friends. This is the reason why it may need a little change, in order to provide a more pleasant space.

The Right Cleaners

Living Area
Roxey Pet Bed, by ACH Coll.

Once you decide to have a pet, you’ll have to clean more often. With that being said, it is important to choose very carefully the cleaners you use. Try to avoid chemical cleaners, because they could be harmful if ingested.


Living Area

All your pet’s toys will be around the Living Area, so there’s a need for a solution, and that is a large basket or vintage crate to keep all the toys in the same place.

Choose Wood or Tile Flooring

Living Area
Nocturne Pet Bed, by ACH Coll.

Carpets are always a bad idea when you have pets at home. You have to find something that will last, like tile and wood. According to Whitman, “If you have a large dog and worry about scratching your wood floors, I strongly suggest a wood finish called Glitsa.”. If you want to choose a rug, choose one that is easily washable.

Wipeable Wallpaper and Paint Finishes

Living Area
Sheba Pet Bed, by ACH Coll.

Every dog, with no exception, rubs himself against the wall all the time. And that is why the walls get so dirty. There is a solution for that, use wallpaper and paint finishes that aren’t delicate.

Choose the Fabrics Wisely

Living Area

Both cats and dogs are attracted to cozy spots, and this means the couch and the bed. Whitman says that she uses faux leather and Ultrasuede. She also says that “Not only are you making your carbon footprint print smaller by using vegan products, but also the materials are easy cleaning and scratch-resistant.”

Credits to: Architectural Digest