Airbnbs allows you to have an amazing experience and not leave your country! With that said, you can find here the 15 most amazing spots in the US!

Victorian Art, San Francisco


This Airbnb belongs to an art curator and photographer and that is the reason why it has this Victorian Style. It has all the details from this era, from turned banisters to antique mantels and stained glass windows.

Frank Sinatra’s Space in Palm Springs, California

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This was built by architect E. Stewart Williams at the behest of Frank Sinatra back in 1947. This outstanding house has four bedrooms, and a unique Palm Springs-inspired decor. Important note: the pool has views of the mountains. So, the conclusion is clear, pack your things and go!

Artistic Spot in Woodstock, New York


Reginald March, the Social Realist Painter, choose this place to escape the New York confusion, back in 1920. Now, you can do the same! This is a home filled with natural light, renovated by an architect couple. It has three bedrooms and three baths, but the utmost detail is the tranquility.

Colored Hideway in Kennebunk, Maine

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The look from the outside is completely different from the look inside. Inside we can discover a color fantasy and postmodern design. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and it is the perfect place for an escape.

Blessed Escape in Phillipsport, New York


Our Airbnbs list has a total surprise, and this is it! A getaway in this 19th-century church, designed by the architect Matthew Bremer of New York. This sanctuary suffered a total renovation, with an open concept living, cooking, and dining area.

A Masterpiece in Pioneertown, California

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If you want a digital escape, here’s your solution. This is an off-the-grid home located in a remote valley in the California desert. Linda Taalman was the architect responsible for this project. It has minimal interiors and outstanding views of the sun-baked landscape. As we said before, this is literally a digital escape, because there’s no TV and the WI-FI is for emergency only.

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Here you have the chance to be a personal guest of Robert and his wife Kate, in this 199-square foot, three-bedroom ranch house in Montauk. You can spend a unique weekend with friends or family and enjoy it the most.

Ranch in Valdez, New Mexico


This airbnb is located in a canyon at the base of the Taos Sky Valley. It has views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and several waterfalls and other natural wildlife.

Pool with a View in Hudson, New York

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We continue our list of Airbnbs with the architect Mark Bearek and his Hudson House. Where he brought up the California modernism to the Easte Coast. This is a unique glass home, both indors and outdoors, with amazing views of the mountains.

Desert Escape in Pioneertown, California

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Casa Mami is located outside of Joshua Tree National Park, and its a pueblo-style house. Carlos Naude and Whitney Brown are the responsibles for this place and they own the creative Agency Working Holiday. Here, we can’t find any cellphone signal, so this means: digital detox.

Classic House in San Rafael, California


Owned by Cord Struckmann and situated within close distance of Napa, this is a modernist home that features great views of the surrounding Northern California.

Farmhouse in Bovina, New York

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This is called The White House and it was built in 1884. This one has antique inspiration and rustic chic decor which makes her special. Owned by the Iranian American chef Sohail Zandi and his wife Sarah, who has a restaurant near.

Steven Holl Original in Rhinebeck, New York


Steven Holls was the responsible architect for this Hudson Valley home. He envisioned this property as an ultra-eco-friendly template for contemporary living. It is solar-powered, and geothermally heated.

Airbnb in Palm Springs, California

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An exclusive space, only ten minutes from downtown Palm Springs, California. All open spaces are full with natural light, the palette is soft, and the private pool and outdoor patio are ideal for sun bathing.

Nature-Inspired House in Lambertville, New Jersey


Last, but not least, this house was built by the midcentury modern architect Jules Gregory. Lately, the D.C. -based architect John Thompson renovated the place. It’s signature space is the living room with the undulating ceiling light. We conclude our list of Airbnbs in the United States, and hope that you schedulle your weekend or vacation really soon.

Credits to: Elle Decor

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