Thanks to its form, function, and innovation, this timeless design projects can live up for centuries. Check out these 5 Modern projects that are still important today.

1-City of Tresigallo in Italy, 1939

The City of Tresigalo is one of the timeless design projects. Edmondo Rossoni, a Tresigallo native, directed this project. The city started to be reborn around when Edmondo ordered a road to Ferrara. To improve the trades. For that, Carlos Frighi, engineer; sculptor Enzo Nenci; landscaper architect Pietro Porciani, and other professionals designed the city.

2-La Fondation Maeght, Saint- Paul de Vence in France, 1964, Sert, Jackson and Associate

The architect Josep Luís Sert led this timeless design project. This foundation was founded by the art dealer couple Aimé and Marguerite Maeghy. It showcases the art of Miró, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, and Diego Giacometti. The building brings harmony to the place, looking like a Mediterranean village style.

timeless design
Interior Design| Roland Halbe

3-Spiegel Gruppe, Hamburg in Germany, 1969, by Verner Panton

Moving Forward to the third timeless design project is the Spiegel Gruppe in Germany. The publishing company contracted the Danish architect, who designed the lobby; lounges;conference rooms; chose the color palettes and furniture, textiles, and lighting.

4-Cartiera Burgo, Turin in Italy, 1981, by Oscar Niemeyer

A venerable Brazilian architect designed this beautiful Burgo Group headquarters. He already did for the company offices in Milan and one building in Turin. Nowadays, this timeless design project is unoccupied.

timeless designs
Living Inside| Barbara Corsico
timeless designs
Living Inside| Barbara Corsico

5-Casa Orgánica in México City, 1985, by Arquitectura Orgánica

The Founder of this project, Javier Senosian, is now 73 years old. He is an early bird in organic architecture, and the Casa Orgánica proves that. The interior look transmits a mother embrace and the sensation of entering the earth. Firstly it was designed only with one bedroom. Therefore, the work expanded the house.

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