If you’re digging around the internet looking for items – and ideas – for your bathroom remodel project, well… This article is just for you. What are the absolute bathroom essentials for your redesigned bathroom? The following seven objects, finely curated by the Trendyfikation team.

1. Bathtub

An absolute bathroom essential – a luxury bathtub. Catchpole & Drye have the best luxury bathtubs for wellness and self-care moments. A classic design with a modern flair is what you can expect from Catchpole & Drye, with a name within the industry.

2. Bath Mat

Bath Mat for Bathroom Remodel
Versace Home
Bath Mat for Bathroom Remodel
Versace Home
Bath Mat for Bathroom Remodel
Versace Home

Your bathroom remodel essential items list must include a bath mat. With baroque motifs or Greca-Medusa design, Versace home has 100% cotton bath mats for your luxury modern bathroom remodel.

3. Mirror

If you’re looking for the perfect mirror for your bathroom remodel, Hommés Studio has a selection of modern mirrors that will make you love yourself even more every time you look in the mirror.

4. Bath Towels

Missoni provides you the coolest bath towels. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, add a bohemian mood. These colorful bath towels are a clever way of doing it.

5. Wastebaskets

What do you aim to achieve with your bathroom remodel? Dana Gibson‘s wastebaskets are functional and trendy. The design is modern and will delight your friends and family. These wastebaskets are essential to your master bathroom and powder bathroom as well.

6. Scented Candles

Remodeling your bathroom implies creating a new environment. Colors, materials, and scents are the leading characters of this story. ACH Collection has a range of scented candles that emanate a hypnotic perfume with an eye-catching container.

7. Wall Hooks

Your new bathroom must-have wall hooks. They are highly functional. Otherwise, where are you hanging your bathrobe while showering? In addition to function, wall hooks can elevate your modern bathroom design. They add texture and depth, and you can always create beautiful artwork on your wall.

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