Allala, a Georgian-Revival-style property in Sydney, is the epitome of modern Mediterranean interior design style. The renovation and interior design were executed by the talented Australian interior designer Blainey North.

Allala, a Georgian-Revival style property in Sydney, renovated by Blainey North

The property has an imposing entry due to its classic columns. Such a statement was an inspiration to Blaney North. The interior designer decided to keep the classicism and the tradition of the property. Nevertheless, it was crucial to make the interior of this Sydney historic home lighter, brighter, and funnier. The result is a Mediterranean interior design style home.

Modern Mediterranean Interior Design Style in a Georgian style property in Sydney

Even though Blaney North dedicates her career to superyacht and Haute hotelarie design, the Australian interior designer embraced this residential project, since she and the owner of the house have known each other since high school. Therefore, this is a very special project. Not only because it is rare for Blainey North to develop residential projects, but also for the intimate relation the designer has with her clientele.

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Modern Mediterranean Interior Design Style

The interior of Allala is this immaculate white temple. All walls are covered in an ethereal white paint which contrasts with the floor in deep brown. The house is decorated with a classic color palette, namely white, blue, and brown. A signature color palette of Mediterranean-style.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style by Blainey North
Mediterranean Interior Design Style by Blainey North

There are details in gold almost in every room which add extra sophistication to the Mediterranean interior design style home. Blainey North is very consistent in this interior design project. The master bedroom is all-white, while the childs’ room is baby blue. The home office mixes classic furniture in brown wood with blue armchairs. In addition, in the kitchen, a traditional kitchen island is surrounded by classic bar stools. The property has two dining areas, one is the formal dining area while the other is the casual dining area. Nevertheless, there’s just a blurred line separating these two dining rooms.

Home Office at Georgian-style property in Sydney

The bathroom on the ensuite has this Moorish-style flair, with flowered tiles and arcs. Also here blue and white are the predominant colors. Thus, the aesthetic and color of the bathroom reinforce the Mediterranean interior design style. As a whole, this Blainey North interior design project is like a puzzle. Every room matches the following room, and every decorative piece and detail fit in perfectly.


Backyard Patio

Next to the kitchen, there is a backyard patio. In this open-air area, there is an outdoor dining table, outdoor dining chairs, and a breathtaking landscape. In other words, the backyard patio is the perfect scenario for alfresco dining. Even outdoors, the Mediterranean interior design style outstands.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

This historic property in the sunny city of Sydney could only be complete with an outdoor pool area. Blainey North effortlessly pulls off a timeless and meaningful home to a modern family.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

What do you think of this Blainey North’s residential project? Pin your favorite room and use it for inspiration! If you want to become overwhelmed by Mediterranean interior design style you really have to take a look at this Authentic Mediterranean Home in Spain.

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