There is no way to deny it: winter has come. But that only means that from now on you get to enjoy a glass of wine inside. To help introduce such thoughts with warm sentiments, we’ve gathered 8 of the best interior design projects that make a home a beautiful place to live.

Now more than ever, we spend a lot of time at home. Don’t be afraid to transform it to make you feel more at home than anyone else. Room by room, get inspired with these interior design projects that will fill you with a good deal of cheer.

Living Room

A Floridian Bar by Jacques Grange

The French designer Jacques Grange designed the Palm Beach house in which this bar is located. The room can almost be divided into two different parts: one side with vintage stools and the other with chairs upholstered with a Josef Frank fabric.
There is a perfect balance that matches the non-traditional style of the owner.

Photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo, Architectural Digest, May 2018

One Bamboo Bar Cart at Casamota

The interior stylist Carlos Mota created a colorful room because nothing can make anyone happier than colors. The vintage American bamboo bar cart is placed on the side and the look for the living room is completed with golden chairs and a purple sofa.

Photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo, Architectural Digest, May 2018

Dining Room

Ballard Cottage By Heidi Caillier

Don’t be fooled by the size. Heidi Callier’s project transforms a simple corner into a family space. The pillows against the wall and the lamp refers to a functional but very welcoming room.

Heather Hilliard – Los Altos Hills

Heather Hilliard chose a lighter shade to color the wall, which gives the room a calm and intimate atmosphere. The painting on the wall becomes an important decorative element thanks to its color and the lamp, with its unique shape, transforms this dining room into a decorative project.

Hallways Entries

Entrance hall by Bruce Shostak and Craig Fitt

Interior designer Bruce Shostak and Craig Fitt decorated the entrance hall of a New York house. The painted walls match the striped runners, a unique combination and a very good application of the color green. The gilt-wood mirror seems like an antique piece that everyone would like to have at their home.

Photo by William Waldron

Boston townhouse designed by Wells & Fox

In a Boston home designed by Wells & Fox, the entrance hall combines a blue rug with a yellow chair – a bold but totally right choice. The chandelier on the ceiling seems to be the main actor of the decoration, although the mirror on the wall tries to steal some of the attention.

Photo by Joshua McHugh


The master bedroom of Lenny Kravitz

As in any master bedroom, the most prominent piece is the bed. In Leeny Kravitz’s room, there is a shell-shaped bed upholstered with pink velvet. The mirrored ceiling descends to the side wall providing a new dimension to the room.

Warm tone bedroom in New York City

A blue and orange color theme scheme to add richness to this New York City room by ELLE Decor.
The bed is upholstered in orange tones and the pillows in blue velvet make the decoration an excellent combination of the color palette. The chandelier hanging to the left becomes an unexpected bedside lamp.

Every room is different that there one way. A simple design piece can make your home a beautiful place to live. Allow yourself to get inspired by these interior design projects.
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