If you have a pet, you probably consider it a member of the family. For those who have a lot of love for dogs, there is a series of sophisticated and elegant equipment for dogs to dress, shelter or walk with your pet best friend. Whether it’s a fashionable leather collar or a structurally attractive dog bed, take a look at our favorites and buy something for your best friend or dog-loving friend. When the love for design and your pet meets, remember us: we bring you the best ideas for pet accessories.

Pets - Make your friend the stylish ever

Lavender/Burgandy Striped Webbing Leash and Collar by Ware of The Dog

For the dog lover who appreciates a good fashion statement, Ware of The Dog has it all. 

Walk your dog in style in striped custom printed leashes and collars. The leashes feature contrasting solid leather handles and the collar is lined in leather with leather straps.

Mister Woof Emerson Dog Knit Jumper from Aurora Pets

Mister Woof Emerson Dog Knit Jumper is one of the latest dog knit jumpers from the Mister Woof new line. The latest range of buttery soft knitwear will keep your dog both warm and stylish all winter long.
The Emerson Knit features a striking red complimented back with navy and white stripe detail creating a timeless outfit, finished off with a chic red stripe along the hemline.

Clown Pet Bowl by ACH Collection

Clown Pet Bowl features a decorative and functional design for your dog or cat feeding time. The stylish Pet bowls collection offers luxury and eclectic design to your friend spot.

Tree Hugger Pet Bed by Whom

For the pet lover who is also committed to eco-friendly living, this super-modern bed from Whom is made with sustainably harvested wood in a zero-waste factory. The stylish linen upholstery is machine washable and is available in nine shades.


Collar Walk Kit by Wild One

Everything Wild One makes is impossibly chic. This set has all the on-the-go essentials, which include: the signature dog collar or harness paired with the color-matched leash and poop-bag carrier. With eight color options and five size options, it’ll fit your dog perfectly.

Duuo Pet Bowl by ACH Collection

Duuo pet bowl is pleasing elliptical shapes, designed for dogs and cats’ feeding time. The special pet collection design is perfect for wet and for dry-food, as well as for water, it is the best choice for a luxury pet feeding time.

Carrier by Fable

Take your little dog around in Scandinavian style. Handcrafted by artisans in Ubrique, Spain, and made with high-quality leather, this bag from Fable has a cushioned nylon interior, reinforced straps, and a short tether on the inside to keep your pup secure.

Wool ‘Knot-Knot’ Rope Toy by House Dogge

This toy is intended to be entertaining for pets who love to carry their toys around and/or enjoy a friendly game of toss & tug. House Dogge uses non-toxic, eco friendly materials in all pet accessories.

Cosmic Pet Bowl by ACH Collection

Cosmic Pet Bowl features a decorative and functional basin design for your dog or cat feeding time. Perfect for food and water. It is time to serve your four-legs friend in style with a design bowl just as well designed as your home decor.

Lumi Leash and Collar Set by Boo Oh

Lifestyle pet brand Boo Oh was founded by artist and industrial designer Jay Sae Jung Oh and inspired by her French bulldog, Boo.

Simple and sophisticated, the Lumi leash and collar set is designed to combine utility and comfort with modern classic aesthetics.

Geometric Print T-Shirt by Ware of The Dog

Ware of The Dog loves to play with patterns. Geometric print body with one solid black sleeve and the other sleeve in white with black polka dots. Who said your sleeves need to match?

Let your dog be the best dressed in the park!

George Pet Bed by ACH Collection

George pet bed is elegance personified. Every dog deserves a pleasant rest-time.
Handmade in leather, it works not only as a perfect luxury place for your pooch’s naps but also as a home decor piece.

Striped Print Bed by ZARA HOME

Beautiful bed with a contrasting striped pillow by ZARA HOME. Both the bed and the pillow are easy to care for, as they can be machine washed as they have a fully removable cover and the hairs are easy to remove.

Combine the ZARA that you use with the ZARA your dog uses!

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