Interior designer Frédéric Crouzet transformed the rooms of this light-filled flat with custom-made furniture and colorful accessories.

Located on the Right Bank of Paris, this 2,691-square-foot Haussmann home needed a complete makeover. The owner wanted the space to feel more open and to live in a refined yet warm atmosphere, where she could relax and host friends in spaces adorned with contemporary art and photos. She chose interior designer Frédéric Crouzet, who created a tailor-made apartment where simplicity and luxury intertwined through every aspect of the project.

Frédéric gives a lot of importance to the circulation and fluidity between each space and the layout of the rooms, which must “make sense” at all times. He always strives to bring in natural light and play with materials and volumes.

On the walls of the library and the lounge area, photos from the La Galerie de l’Instant are displayed. Two satin bronze sculptures, Athos, Porthos and Aramis by Marie Louise Sorbac, and a work by Shai Yehezkelli, coexist harmoniously with two orange vases, the Ruman lamp by Alessandro Mendini, and a large blue painting by Donna Huanca.
The lounge area is furnished with a custom-made half-low table with a white marble top and black steel base, designed by Frédéric Crouzet. The orange ceramic sculpture is by Josh Herman and the Knot Disco suspension light is from Brokis.

The client wanted to create a more open space where they and their guests could move freely. So Frédéric Crouzet reimagined the different areas by installing large sliding doors.

For example, two large double wooden doors, adorned with black lacquered steel and translucent glass, create a solid boundary between the kitchen and the living room, yet also allow to move easily from one area to the other. Although the two spaces are separated physically, they are connected through orange-tinted glass panes nestled between light oak frames, creating a stunning visual effect.

Two large double wooden doors, adorned with black lacquered steel and translucent glass, create a boundary between the kitchen and the living room, yet also allow for the ease of movement between both spaces. 
The purple Circus footstool from Normann Copenhagen adds another colorful touch, and the green ceramic side table was designed by Daniel Schofield.

In the master bedroom, the bed features a large custom-made headboard draped in a lime green fabric and a woven Slowdown Studio bedspread, as well as light oak and lacquered wood paneling.

The owner’s dressing room and bathroom illustrate the interior designer’s approach to design and the chic and contemporary style that Frédéric likes to create. Dressing rooms can quickly become monotonous and even oppressive, so his approach was to integrate the storage units into the space as much as possible. Thanks to the colors that harmonize with those of the walls, the cupboard doors have a unique, sober, pure, and warm style.

The closet, which was custom designed, comprises large, light, solid oak handles that decorate the doors with a unique graphic concept.
The entrance gallery is decorated with a pink-and-red lacquered aluminum sculpture called Wings of Desire, created by Frédéric Crouzet and suspended above a black-and-white carpet designed by Réda Amalou at Toulemonde Bochart.

In the kitchen, the white Carrara marble island is lit by the black steel suspension light designed by Frédéric Crouzet.

The bathroom, covered in beige Portuguese stone, opens up to the closet and the shower through vertical openings in the wall that are accentuated by black steel frames.

Frédéric loves to hunt for pieces in Paris, especially on the Left Bank in Saint-Germain-des-Prés—for example, in the Galerie Triode for glass objects, or in the Marais (Right Bank) for its photo galleries such as La Galerie de l’Instant. The flea markets also comprise wonderful decorative objects and furniture in different styles and are an endless source of inspiration. He also likes to travel to the Netherlands, and more particularly to the Histoire Gallery in the city of Utrecht, which has a beautiful selection of pieces from designers of Northern Europe.

  • All the photography are from Bénédicte Drummond.
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