Doesn’t matter what type of person you are, or your client is. Some people love to cook, some hate it. Nevertheless, these 7 kitchen design ideas from residential projects of the top interior designers will make the time you spend in the kitchen even more pleasing.

Peter Pennoyer Kitchen Design on Park Avenue’s Residence

Gold on Gold

Do you know the typical modern luxury kitchen with small accents of gold? Forget about it. On Upper East Side in New York, Kelly Wearstler designed a kitchen with gold accents on gold. A rusty kitchen island matches the golden cabinets. Overall, the kitchen is Industrial style, nevertheless pure luxury.

Leafus Suspension by Hommés Studio

Leafus is a modern luxury suspension with an organic shape. It belongs in a golden kitchen, above an imposing marble.

Nagy Bowl by ACH Collection

OX 2021 - Chinese New Year

Nagy bowl is more than a stylish homeware piece to serve food. Perfectly suit any room, it can be used as a bowl or as a decorative ceramic.

2 IN 1

The British interior designer Kelly Hoppen presents a 2 in 1 kitchen in a Londoner Home. Hoppen creates two separated areas, however, they share the same materials. The kitchen furniture and the round dining table share the same dark wood. In addition, the bar stools and the dining chairs have the same ethereal fabric.

Sahara Dining Table by Hommés Studio

Made from black lacquered in gloss finishing, Sahara is the perfect dining table to match with custom-made kitchen furniture with lacquered black finishing.

Transitional With Pops Of Color

The Kardashian-Jenner’s favorite interior designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, adds pops of color to this transitional-style kitchen. The traditional and modern kitchen furniture contrasts with the contemporary dining chairs in primary yellow.

Mantis Chair by Hommés Studio

Mantis is a Bauhaus style chair. Minimal yet luxurious. The yellow upholstery in combination with the gold polished stainless steel makes Mantis one of a kind.

Marte Tray by ACH Collection

Table centerpieces ideas - Tray

Marte decorative tray is inspired by the Bauhaus’s culture. Irreverent and authentic; Perfect for decorating your entrance pedestal table or the office bookcase.

Bohemian Kitchen

The world of interior design knows Justina Blakeley for her unique bohemian style. Her kitchen design is colorful, full of patterns, plants, and eclectic decor pieces. Undoubtedly, Justina Blakeley’s interiors are happy, and her kitchen design is truly a happy home living inspiration.

Saturn Canister by ACH Collection

Saturn canister is a ceramic art piece designed to adorn your home decoration. This extraordinary decor piece will bring an artistic vibe to your modern kitchen project with art deco influences and inspirations in its shapes and motifs. 

Ammir Rug by Hommés Studio

Ammir rug is an eclectic rug. Made from natural materials, it will honor sustainable design and happy home living. We imagine it laying on wood, surrounded by plants and colorful kitchen utensils. Perfect for a bohemian kitchen but also for cooking barefoot.

Modern Memphis Kitchen Design

India Mahdavi is a name to keep in mind. The French designer has a unique style. So unique that we can define it as maximalist, neither modern nor Memphis. However, in this Villa, the terrazzo floor in the kitchen in addition to the colorful and shaped decor elements leads us to a Modern Memphis world.

Schlemmer Bowl by ACH Collection

Schlemmer is the bowl to have in a Modern Memphis kitchen. The vibrant colors and the disruptive shapes make it an object du désir.

Neutral Kitchen Design

Source: Kathryn M. Ireland

Kathryn M. Ireland proposals a neutral kitchen. To the sand tones, Kathryn adds black and gold accents. Because in interior design, gold is neutral, right?

Rosalia Cabinet by Hommés Studio

Rosalia is the perfect neutral color cabinet to add to your kitchen design. Next to the kitchen island, it will serve as a side storage piece but as a luxury statement piece as well.

Vintage Kitchen

Thom Filicia designs a vintage kitchen. The white furniture kitchen pairs with a breakfast area. The kitchen design exhales a morning breakfast in the middle 60’s, and we love it.

Sirocco Chair by Hommés Studio

A true vintage interior design must have vintage furniture, right? We present you Sirocco chair, a rosewood, and leather exquisite piece. We picture it in the corner of a kitchen, waiting for a coffee and a toast to be served.

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