Gregory Orekhov, a Russian sculptor and architect, surrounded by art since his first birthday, has recently unveiled his latest towering sculpture located in Moscow’s Malevich Park. The sculpture, titled Black Square, is essentially a mirrored work designed to reflect the natural surroundings of the region, acting as a large-scale monument to honor the pioneering avant-garde artist and theorist, Kazimir Malevich which the park is named after.

Orekhov’s “Black Square” forces visitors to find a passage on a path guarded between monoliths. Upon entering, the visitor travels between each sculpture, where the void gives way to “an infinite corridor of reflections” created by two full-length mirrors made of highly polished stainless steel along the internal length of each monument.

The effect is a disorienting reminder of the presence of nature that perseveres, a multidimensional “space” outdoors. According to the artist, the visitor is in a dilemma: to dive into the “square” or enter the infinite.

The spatial impact of “Black Square” is within the structure: a planned sensorial migration from the two-dimensional to an image reflection with an image of the landscape reproduced ad nauseam.

Orekhov’s talent and unique vision connects the observer to the landscape’s architectural ability. the volume of the sculpture intentionally preserves its “unnatural” appearance against the background of the park, while perfectly integrating each structure into the park’s environment.

«The viewer turns into an accomplice, falling into an endless corridor of reflections. The dynamics of the viewer’s movement become intriguing inside the static figure. The spatial development of the ‘Black Square’ lies within the structure: the transition from Malevich’s two-dimensional form to the three-dimensional form of Orekhov. Yet, a different universe emerges inside the sculpture — a multidimensional space that resembles a “laughing room” or the sci-fi/horror “Cube”,» – writes curator and art critic Mikhail Sidlin to Arch Daily.

Gregory Orekhov's “Black Square” mirror
Photo by Ivan Muraenko

Gregory Orekhov’s work can be found in the collections of the Russian museum and MAMM, as well as in private collections in the Netherlands, USA, Italy, and Jordan. In 2017 Gregory presented his work at the Saatchi Gallery, in London.


Art is an essential part of life. By the work of Gregory Orekhov in Black Square, we can prove that any space and place is perfect to demonstrate it.
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