Mezzanines can make all the difference in a house! We are going to give you some examples, in order to inspire you for your home.

Weekend House, Czech Republic, New How


This Mezzanines List begins in the Czech Republic with a holiday home. This place has a large squared window provides amazing views to the forest and the Ore Mountains.

Project 13, Singapore, Studio Wills + Architects

architecture and design

This apartment belongs to the owner of Studio Wills + Architects and serves as a workplace for the day and home for the night.

Bed-Study Loft, US, New Affiliates


The mezzanine level provided to this New York loft a sleeping area. One of the corners was cut out to fit the large structural columns, the other corner was used to place a kitchen.

Taiwan Apartment, Taiwan, HAO Design


HAO Design was responsible to transform this apartment and found a way to connect the bedrooms and living spaces.

House for a Sea Dog, Italy, Dodi Moss


This is a 17th-century apartment and Dodi Moss decided to add a mezzanine to the lower level. He serves as a bed deck and has a bathroom as well.

The Mantelpiece Loft, Stockholm, Note Design Studio

architecture and design

Above a formal living space, the studio incorporated a sage green mezzanine.

Converted Barn, Portugal, Inês Brandão


In Portugal, you can find amazing architecture projects and this one is no different. Inês Brandão converted a barn, adding a strand board, that has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a staircase.

Residence for Two Collectors, US, Wheeler Kearns Architects

architecture and design

This Mezzanine has a prime characteristic, which is the earthy tones. It was built for an art collection and includes a large bookcase to complete it.

Cabin Thunder, Norway, Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter


Welcome to this Holiday home in Norway! The mezzanine was done, in order to add a secondary layer of space and create a cozy, comfortable sleeping place.

Casa Texcal, Mexico, HGR Arquitectos


The bookcase extends upwards toward the roof and it has a mezzanine built around the oak shelving.

Our Mezzanines list ends in Mexico! We hope that you now feel inspired to add one ti your home!

Credits to Dezzeen