A few candle drops won’t ruin the party again- Learn how to get wax out of your carpets. In this article, we will give you 6 tips to do it.

6 Easy Tips To Get Wax Out of Carpet

Everyone looks a comfortable, warm, and inventing space with an intimate ambiance that only the candlelight can provide until a few drops of wax fall on the rug. Knowing out to solve this issue is crucial to anyone that appreciate this type of vibe. Fortunately, the process of removal is easy and uses materials that normally we already have at home, from paper towels to ice. As long as you face the problem right in the eye, you’ll be able to get your rug in a perfect state without any sign of wax. Read this article to discover out to get your rug wax-free and don’t let this ruin the party for you anymore.

1 tip) Gather all the materials you need

First things first, get what you need. To remove wax from the carpet, you’ll need to have the following supplies:

  • Bag of ice or ice pack
  • Iron (or a hair dryer at least)
  • Paper towel, terry-cloth towel, or brown paper bag
  • Carpet cleaner or rubbing alcohol
  • Butter knife or other dull knife
  • Vacuum

2 tip) Give it an ice

Place a plastic bag of ice cubes, an ice pack, or at least a frozen meat on the wax. In this case, maybe would be bather to wrap the bag or pack it in a towel so the wax doesn’t get were. The ultimate goal here is to get the wax as cold as possible to solidify it and lift it up from the carpet fibers more easily.

3 tip) Scrape the wax off

Once the stain is frozen, use a knife to scrape off as much of it as you can. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to complete the task only with a knife, and in this case, you’ll be allowed to skip the fifth step of this list. If, however, the wax persists you head to the next step.

6 Easy Tips To Get Wax Out of Carpet

4 tip) Iron the wax stain

Place a paper towel, terry-cloth towel, or paper bag on top of the stain. Pick your iron and turn it on at a low temperature. Is important to keep it at a balanced temperature and don’t go to far otherwise it can melt down the carpet’s fibers. Stick to a low temperature and don’t use a steam setting. Slowly rub the iron over the towel or bag, which will absorb the wax effortlessly. Keep repositioning the towel or bag on fresh areas and repeat the process until there is no sign of wax.

6 Easy Tips To Get Wax Out of Carpet

5 tip) Clean the carpet

Now, is time to clean the carpet. Get any remaining leftover wax or dye stains out of the rug with a commercial cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. Blot with a clean white clothes liquid until the stains are nowhere to be found nor the moisture you use.

6 tip) Vacuum the carpet

Once the carpet is dry, you can restore the texture of the carpet by vacuuming it with an upholstery brush attachment and it is as new! Just as the wax stain never happened. With this article, the wax stains are not as scary as appear to be following the same method of icing the was and then scraping it off.

Source: Architectural Digest