Interior Design Masters, the class of 2021! Where you can discover new talents and surely have them on your mind for the future!

Alfredo Paredes Studio, New York

Interior Design Masters

Alfredo Parede worked at Ralph Lauren Home for more than three decades. After that time, in 2019, he decided to open his own studio. His works mainly focus on the bohemian-industrial style.

Dune Hai, Oakland California

Interior Design

Anooshey Rahim is the founder of Dune Hai. He did it to start the conversation about landscape architecture once again, whom it benefits, how, when, and why.

Delia Kenza Interiors, New York City

Interior Design Masters

Delia began as a lawyer, but now she is a well-known interior designer. Her Harlem townhouse was recently on Elle Decor which is amazing for her.

Elliot Barnes, Paris

Interior Design Ideas

Elliot Barnes has numerous design projects, that include hotels and country homes. He also renovated Ruinart’s Champagne cellars in Reims, France.

Fabrizio Casiraghi, Paris

Interior Design Masters

Fabrizio Casiraghi had two good design teachers, Dominique Perrault and Dimorestudio. Because of this, he has a sophisticated and classic vision of interior design. He has some projects soon, like the hotels in Saint Tropez and London.

Florence Lopez, Paris

Interior Design

Florence Lopez never disappoints, and she always aims for better! Unique projects for unique people, such as Delphine Arnault, Gérard Depardieu and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Ghislaine Viñas, New York City

Interior Design Masters

Born in the Netherlands and raised in South Africa, this interior designer has an eagle eye for contrast and bold design. In all her projects she tells the story of her clients in a unique way!

Hendricks Churchill, New York City

Interior Design Masters

Composed by the architect Rafe Churchill and interior designer Heide Hendricks! This couple is quite known for their holistic style to New England Houses. They blend tradition and artful ease!

Ilke Kligerman Barkley, New York City

Luxury Interior Design

John and Thomas Kligerman are two interior design masters and why is that? Because they are able to bring a contemporary touch to historical styles, like the Arts and Crafts Movement and Colonial Revival.

Jean Liu Design, Dallas

Interior Design Masters

Jean Liu has a healthy art obsession that aligns “analytical sensibility and a studied finesse“. You can discover more about her here.

Credits to Elle Decor